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  1. Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Boy do we have a surprise for you! A lot of our breeders have been asking for a Halloween Edition Dragon, well I am so excited to announce the first ever Mystical Dragon Legendary Edition! Take a look 2021 Legendary Edition -Hallowed Briarthorn! Starting today Oct 22, 2021 until Nov 5, 2021 avaliable at all Mystical Creatures locations you can pick up a 2021 Legendary Edition - Halloween! Each pack contains 1 drake and 1 Dragonness 2021 Legendary Edition -Hallowed Briarthorn! These Dragons do not have to breed together to get some special surprises! Happy Halloween everyone from Mystical Creatures!
  2. Available now @ any of our locations! https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/
  3. Available now @ any of our locations! https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/
  4. Available now @ any of our locations! https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/
  5. What do you mean? This is the community website.
  6. Hey everyone! What a great day and its Saturday! Last night we did resume delivery on found digging items, they have all been sent out so please check your inventory if you were expecting one! Lets talk about the changes that were made: Blueprints are now transferable, when you receive a Blueprint it will be no perms until you rez it out on the ground and activate it, once you do this when you pick it up you will be able to transfer. This means that Blueprints are what you will want to trade with friends or sell in the 3rd party market! Items received from crafting Blueprints will be non transfer, so once you craft a Blueprints that item will be forever yours! As always if you have any issues please file a ticket @ https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/support/ and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible! Happy Crafting, Digging, and Breeding!
  7. Well I cant tell you what is wrong with here without checking settings, and things like that but I would suggest you file a ticket @ https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/support/ so we can get you fixed up!
  8. Greeting my fellow Dragon handlers! Hope everyone is having a Mystical Day! So there are a few things I wanted to talk to you about today! The first tip I have for you guys is if you are using the Union Crystal, If you are using a Union Crystal to pair your Dragons, you can not edit and shift drag your Union Crystal to make another in world. This will send us a notice and break the Union Crystal. Second tip of the day I want to talk about is Range! Well on the Dragons it is called Perimeter To change the Perimeter on a Dragon you click the Dragon to bring up the menu, then choose environment, then Perimeter! You will get a notice in local chat like this: [11:19] Mystical Dragon: Say the range value you want in local chat You will need to type a Value in local chat like: [11:19] (You): 10 You will also get confirmation in local chat of the change like: [11:19] Mystical Dragon: Perimeter set to 10 from home Mystical Dragons are very large animals when full grown so I would suggest never setting Perimeter to less than 10 meters. Why is Perimeter important? Well a few different reasons Food and Well Spring must be in range of the Dragons Perimeter for the Dragon to use it. Dragons not with in range of their Perimeter will not breed together Most cases of Dragons not eating has been to do with Perimeter, for example if your Dragon has movement on and its Perimeter is 10 meters that means it would be able to wander at max 10 meters from home, but if the food is not within that same range your Dragon will not eat the food. Just something to think about when setting the settings on your Dragon! Tip number 3! This is a good one too. A lot of people have been asking about second Gens and what they could give you. Now the way I see it is your Starter that you purchased from us would be the 1st Generation, anything from that first Generation would be a second, third, and so on as you breed. What can your Second Generations pass? Well guys Ive said this lots of times in lots of places, your Second Generation babies, could pass and be hiding Non Starter traits, passed on from the Starters as a hidden. So breed those babies!! I hope that I have answered some questions or made some things easier on you guys. If there is something you are unsure about, ask in the group, file a ticket, send me a message, dont just wonder get your answers! Alright happy Digging everyone this is Ava, over and out!
  9. Hey guys I have been busy working on lots of ow to videos for you guys! There are many more to come! But please share these and check back I plan to be uploading videos soon!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8gd7ygZfvMm4wM7fYnYjlg
  10. Hey guys! Its Ava here, I wanted to share a few very important tips for your Dragons! First is I want you guys to know the importance of naming your dragons! Why is this important? Well a few different reasons if you lose a dragon and have to file a ticket the first thing we will ask you is which Dragon your missing. This is also a great way to keep track of parents and who you want to breed to who! The limits on characters when naming is 36 characters. Avoid putting symbols in the name most symbols are not allowed, your Dragon will tell you the name contains faulty characters. Even if you just number you Dragons please name them! The second thing I wanted to talk about is moving your dragons and resetting home, there are some different ways you can reset the home on your Dragons, Rerezzing your Dragon in world resets home. Using the Dragons menu by choosing environment and then set home. Use the DEM once you have the setting on to Reset Home when you activate you will reset the home on all Dragons on your sim. If you have your Dragon rezzed out in world and move it using the edit and drag method, you could get your Dragons out of range of their food or well spring. If you do that your Dragon may not eat or may not use the Well Spring to have enough mood to gain Ardor or Zeal! You must Reset the Home to ensure this does not happen! Please share these tips with your Dragon loving friends!
  11. Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying your mystical journey so far! We have been watching the groups and listening to all the feedback that you have been giving us. With that being said there are a few fixes we are going ahead and implementing immediately. Fixes: We have fixed the hud so when you click someone elses Dragon the Dragon info is displayed on your hud We have also fixed the hud info to display properly for Dragons that have their text turned off We have solved the issue of some peoples Dragons giving the script error "Cannot use a script to move a linkset while it is playing an animation. Stop the animation first." So what do you have to do? Well you must go to any Mystical creatures location and pick up a brand new Nexus! You do not need to Update your dragons as this is not an update. You will need to set out the new Nexus so that when your Dragons turn 5 and grow they will have these fixes implemented. Please delete your old Nexus Crystal first! You will also want to get a NEW Hud at any location so that the Hud Fixes will work for you as well! Speaking of Nexus Crystals I want to make one thing clear, each person needs their own Nexus, a sim owner can not set out one Nexus for everyones Dragons on the sim! The Nexus Crystal is very important your Dragons will not function properly nor will you be able to hatch new Dragons when you start having Off Spring! If you have two Nexus Crystals out both will turn red and you will need to delete one and touch the other to start it again! If your Dragons say please rez Nexus Crystal, please make sure you have a Nexus out and give it over and hour for the Dragon to recognize that there is a Nexus Crystal. If you have ANY issues please file a ticket @ https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/support/ Thank you so much for all of your support! The Mystical Team
  12. Also please join us on our Mystical Creatures Discord:

  13. They are here! Go get yours NOW! Main store and all Sat locations are open!! Thank you for joining us on this Mystical journey!! https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/ The Mystical Team!

  15. Did you want to become an Official Market or Auction? Join the growing list!!!


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      Hi Ava  i would like to participate in the   well the sign thing  about being an official  dragon  auction house... just  for the dragons  because i will be doing both  dragons and  other breedables...   my question is  am i allowed to be   that kind of official where the opening bid is 500L   and your still allowed 1 drop ...    considering i will not actually have the store... i just want to practice fair market values and go by   the wiki for pricing ... can you get back with me please at  your earlest convience   thanks Ruckz 

  16. Do you own a Market or Auction House for Dragons? Well if you would like to join a growing list of OFFICIAL Mystical Creature Market or Auction House that will be listed here on our website, please contact Avalon Crystal in world. Anyone can apply and I encourage everyone to do so!!!
  17. We will be having our final Q & A session next Wednesday at 11 am slt, this will be to announce all kinds of questions never before answered so you dont want to miss it!! It will be held at the Mystical sim landmark below, see you there!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Mystical Creatures/58/162/40