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    Ava's Breeding Pods!

    Hey Mystical Family! How is everyone doing today? I wanted to take some time to talk about how you set up your dragons! I know everyone has their own set up. 

    Im am often asked whats the best? Well my answer would be what works best for you! I thought i would show you how i set up my breeding dragons.

    I leave the default range on this works best for me because i have room to spread out and I do not use a union crystal.

    Take a look!


    You can see i use a pod method, i put the dragons i want to breed together like in the above photo the the 2 Dawnlight Gale and Xumenth i am breeding together, i dont want them to breed with anything else.

    I set out a food and well spring in the middle of the pod, so all the dragons can use them and they are all in range.

    It is important that I note that I do not have movement on my dragons so they are stationary.
    Doing my breeding like this i can control who breeds with who without using a union or changing the range.

    Keeping your range at 10 means that dragon can only communicate with things that are within 10 meters, so I dont get issues of them taking a while to breed when they are at 100%.


    Here you can see the different pods, with the nexus, DEM, and incubators located in the middle for me to easily use, each pod has their own food and well spring. 

    This is what i found works for me and thought I would share! If you have a different way please let me know and i can feature how you set up your breeding! 

    This is Ava over and out!

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