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    Avalon Crystal

    2024 Knights of Avalon!

    You have been called to join the Knights of the round table! Please head to your nearest Mystical Creatures location to pick up your very own Knight! Will you choose Abaddon or Arthur?

    What am I talking about? Well its Mystical Creatures latest Legendary Editions! 
    We are very proud to present to you 2024 Knights of Avalon - Arthur & 2024 Knights of Avalon - Abaddon!!

    Take a look at these amazing Dragons:




    Available until May 1, 2024 at every Mystical location! Any breeding of a 2024 Knights of Avalon Dragon could give you some surprises that are out of this realm!  The Skin on the 2024 Knights of Avalon Dragons DOES NOT have the ability to pass! The Eyes and other goodies on the 2024 Knights of Avalon DO have the ability to pass!

    This also means its time for a new nexus! We have included one in every LE Box! All you need to do is delete your Blue Mystical Nexus v2.0** and rezz out the new Purple on that looks like this:


    If you are not purchasing new LE's you too will need a new nexus, head to the store and pick it up for FREE! Delete your Blue Mystical Nexus v2.0** and rezz out the new Purple Nexus!

    Store locations: https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/

    If you do not put out the new nexus crystal your dragons will not grow and work properly! 

    We hope that you will choose the right path and join the Mystical Creatures Knights of Avalon on an adventure that has many bounty's! Good look everyone!

    Make today Mystical! 

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