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    Hey Mystical Family! Hope everyone made it over that hump for Hump Day! I wanted to continue to highlight new things that have came from the 2.0 Update!

    That brought me to Skyfae!

    I know a lot of you have seen the Skyfae Horn pigment! Recently I cam across and egg that had Skyfae Claws! I wanted to show everyone what they looked like!
    Take a look:


    So with Skyfae Claws and Horn Pigment we have to wonder what else Skyfae could be revealed and what would it look like??


    What do you think could it be Teal? Purple? Blue? Just looking at the Horn Pigment i think that the skin would be an awesome addition to these 2 Skyfae traits that you guys have! What do you think??? 

    Make today Mystical! 

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