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    Battle Update

    If you weren't at the last Town Hall Meeting you missed a real treat. And when you read the final line of this Connection, you will literally lay a little eggie of your own. Place was packed cos we heard on the Dragonvine that we were going to get a demonstration of ACTUAL BATTLING DRAGONS. And boy, we weren't disappointed. I'll be honest with you... I was worried that it might all look a bit, well, you know.. pants. Sometimes in SL, things get hyped up, but there are limitations due to LL and ... well. You hear what I'm saying. But OMG. As well as the amazing texture designers at Mystical Creatures, there are also some seriously hot programmers who are also gamers. And this was reflected in the display of Dragonpower on show. We got to see the Player Versus Player (PVP) mode and it was savage. The moves of the dragons, the attacks are awesome. It felt real. I was blown away and even more excited for this incredible new update. The noises they made were vicious and it really did feel like you were watching two ancient beings battling it out to the death. When one dragon lay down 'dead' there was an audible gasp from the crowd. It made the scenes from Gladiator look like an episode of The Muppet Show. The new hud looks easy and intuitive to use and will take up a little less space. There are options for battle attacks - claw, bite etc - and you can train your dragon from birth to gain prowess in these discrete abilities. And if that wasn't enough, we also got to see the Player Versus Environment (PVE) designs, where you can battle against nasty kritters and hone your dragon skills from the comfort of your own living room. Or den, in my case. And are you ready for the final line? Get this: The stats of your dragon WILL stay with the dragon. So if you create the Ultimate Battle Dragon and want to give him a new home, then it creates a whole new market for these incredible beasts. Have a great day. Wait, that wasn't the last line. The last line I meant was the one above. Two sentences ago. So not quite the last line, but a nice one all the same. Have fun! Sparrow xx
  5. ~ Just a Happy Dragon Breeder ~

  6. Drake Skin: Fire Datentud Eye: Fire Ceondet Claw: Fire Ceondet Horn Element: Antlers Horn Pigment: Karat Ornament Element: Fins Ornament Pigment: Fire Ceondet Marking: Mutation Citrine Ripple
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  8. Grey Cloud

    Dragon Eyes

    Happy Friday everyone! Let's take a look at some Random Dragon Eyes today. When I say random I mean Random Drop dragon eyes. Mystical Creatures does like to surprise all Dragon breeders from time to time so they have released a few eyes on Random Days, just to shock everyone. So far there have been four different Random Drop Dragon eyes that have popped up in Second Life: All of these were only available for the holiday that they represent and could only drop those 24 hours. But don't fear, all four of these great eyes do have the ability to pass so you can still find them out in the world.
  9. A new round of faMESHed is here, and Mystical Creatures is represented in style! Take a look at the new release : FaMESHed Event: Coco Channel was quoted as saying, "It is unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure." Be unforgettable and fabulous by accessorizing your avatar with all of these truly unique items fashioned for you to let your inner dragon out! Great news for those of you that missed some of the past events dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn: Mystical Creatures has the entire collection displayed at the main sim for your convenience. Take a look at these ultimate dragon accessories: Mystical Creatures Shop Mystical Creatures/67/104/41 I will leave with another quote by Coco Channel "Don't be like the rest of them, darling." Be brave, be daring, be set apart and always enjoy your passions. This is Maggie Mae Magellan reporting on trending news with Mystical Creatures.
  10. Its been a while so lets have some fun join us for a hour of great people and tunes!!! 1 PM SLT! Mystical Creatures/70/121/40
  11. Its time for the Mystical Town Hall Meeting! Join us to talk shop! You never know what kind of great information you may learn! 1 PM SLT! Mystical Creatures/18/244/32
  12. Livia

    Avoiding Bugs!!!

    It's tempting to use the Second Life viewer's Edit tool to organize your dragons and distribute food and wellsprings, but there is an actual risk something goes wrong. The truth is; there are many sensors involved in the communication system between your dragons, the Nexus Chrystal, and consumables, and moving them in-world may bug their scripts. The safest way to avoid your dragons from stopping eating is to take the item you want to your inventory, then rez it where you want it. After that, you can use edit for fine-tuning, but avoid moving it more than 5 meters. A last trick is to reset the scripts after moving your dragon or any consumable. How to do it? Food and wellsprings: click the object and select any of the three options (Owner Only, Group Only, All). Dragons: click it and change Mobility (Environment>Mobility).
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  14. Grey Cloud


    The Nexus Crystal is a beacon between our world and the world of Mystical Dragons. They need this crystal to survive and thrive in our world. Without it they will not grow or breed. Before you rez or birth any dragons always make sure you have the latest Nexus already on your land. If it turns red it means you already have one out so pick it up and find your other Nexus, pick that one up too and then re-rez the newest one. If your dragons are showing there is no Nexus and you just rezed the new one, wait about 45 minutes before panicing, it should update them during that time. If that still doesn't work, you can get advise in the Mystical Creatures group or open a ticket if it's an emergency situation.
  15. DRAKE~RED STEEL~QUAD RUBY Skin: Sterling Steel Element: Fire Eye: Ruby Claws: Fire Datentud Horn: Stone Horn Pigment: Ruby Ornament: Fins Ornament Pigment: Ruby Marking: Smolder Ruby
  16. Dear Breeders, Are you a collector *coughs* hoarder? Have you already amassed a menagerie of dragons in your inventory? Why not create your own personal museum of dragons? I went to visit two museums today. Both were amazing and both very different. The first step in starting your museum is to decide on what you want t display. For example maybe you love to design showstopper dragons or maybe you are a purist and love to make a five traited dragons with all the same traits. Or perhaps you like to mix it up and you do a little of both. Either way your museum should reflect what you like to breed and design. There is no right or wrong way as your museum should be a reflection of you. The second step is to pick a space to display your dragons. The two museums I visited today were as I mentioned earlier very different in many ways. One was a more traditional museum where the collector had a building with pictures on the walls of the dragons he made and placed the dragon eggs in the picture prims. He did this to save on prims. Pretty smart! The other was set out in the open with a path that you walked by each of his displays of live dragons. Stunning! So maybe you have a sim where you can display your dragons or maybe you are limited by the amount of prims you can use either way your museum can be amazing. Need a little inspiration? Check out these pictures of the museums I went to visit. Better yet I have included the land marks with each picture so you can go check them out for yourselves! Have a great night at the museum! Arona/20/33/22 This is Maggie Mae Magellan reporting live on trending news in Mystical Creatures
  17. Its time for the Monthly Town Hall meeting and we would love to hear from you! Come join us at 1 PM SLT!!!
  18. Livia


    At Mystical Creatures' launching in September 2021, starter dragons came with four different horn styles. Each one is respective to the four element classes. The starter earth dragon, Xumenth, had curved stone horns. The Xaytud, from the air element class, had feathers decorating its head. Gaywrent represented the water element and held hydrodynamic fins. And the fire representative, Zuldrud, displayed long, pointy, and sharp horns. Later, on April 15, 2022, Mystical Creatures released the 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant Zephyr. This Legendary Edition gave us a new horn style. Zephyr, honoring Ζέφυρος (Greek), or Zephyrus (Latin), the mythological god of the west wind. The Zephyr style is an air-element horn. And the last addition to the horn styles is the Antlers from the 2022 Legendary Edition -Dashing Reindeer. We all know an update is coming soon, and I hope the horn styles collection increases!
  19. Sparrow

    Icy Eye is out!

    Came from a Dashing Reindeer and an Arctic Aurora Icy!
  20. This is my sweetheart i may never get the skin but this birthday skin just pops with those twilight traits andi finally got the eye woot and i am so proud of my hard work its been a long time to get it all together the big picture is her mom with zenith eye but she is all this Water Princess Version: 1.1 Age: 0 Dragoness Aether: 0% Charged: 97% Mood: 63% Ardor: 0% Skin: 2022 1st Birthday Edition - Tranquil Waters Element: Water Eye: Twilight Enkindler Claws: Twilight Enkindler Horn: Feathers Horn Pigment: Twilight Enkindler Ornament: Feathers Ornament Pigment: Twilight Enkindler MDcc5791816050-9264-822c4aa9523a0e8f
  21. When the update comes.... we'll be able to battle our dragons - and the whispers on the dragonvine are saying it will be soon.... 'HELP' you say, to nobody in particular, 'I don't know how to prepare!' Well, let's just go over what we know already - and some top tips for success. Firstly, if you have designed your UBD (Ultimate Battle Dragon) DO NOT HATCH IT! Leave it in the egg. Keep it somewhere warm, like a south-facing window, conservatory or specially heated breeding platform and let it be. A;ternatively, you could send it to a friend that lives somewhere nice and warm and dry. Like Bournemouth. 'WHY?' you ask, to nobody in particular, 'Why don't I hatch it?' Well, you will have the best chance of levelling up if you train your dragon from birth. That's right. Once the update comes, you will be able to interact with your dragon and begin its training. This will give it more skills and a better chance of levelling up. The new hud, that will come out with update 2.0, will have new functionality to allow you to interact with your dragon. Secondly, let's talk about levelling up and that all-important Leader Board. 'HOW?' you ask, again to nobody in particular, 'HOW can I level up and get to the top of that soon-to-be-Hallowed board?' Well, here's how. Only Dragon Arenas at Official Mystical Creatures sims will have the functionality to allow you to level up on the Leader Board. You will be able to practice at home, but this won't give you points to creep up that board. This is to stop people gaming the system - it has to be fair. It will be free to battle, but some sims are likely to offer prizes to attract the battlers... It will add a whole new perspective to owning a dragon. Thirdly, you will be able to battle against SOME SERIOUSLY SCARY LITTLE BOOGERS. Yup, the MC team are coming up with some NLCs (Nasty Little Critters) that your dragon can go up against. You'll have seen some hints on the home page.... I already have a Sensible Adult lined up to hold my hand when I try it for the first time. I won't be eating cheese before I go to bed, after trying it..... that's for Mystical Certainty. So get designing! I've already seen some AMAZING designs for battle dragons and I think this is going to be a fantastic addition to the whole dragon-keeping experience. And I, for one, just can't WAIT! Sparrow x
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