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  3. Avalon Crystal


    You can not use a union crystal that you dont own, so you just set them to group or any they will breed if in range.
  4. Awesome colors ty for your suggestion!
  5. Here is a list of the blueprints you can currently find and craft
  6. Apparently I have a new favorite pass time of sim hopping and admiring all of the combinations that breeders have achieved with their Dragons. And then I end up coming home with a new Dragon every time. Oops.

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  8. Sometimes its the cutest momet when they sleep ♥

    Romper Thing2AD_001.png

  9. Looking forwards to 2022 


  10. Hi from me and mommy lol


  11. It has nothing to do with the update, secondlife has been doing roll backs and that is breaking things, not just breedables, we have no control over this. You can file a support ticket with us and we can help get things sorted
  12. Lillymoos

    come broken eggs

    I had really fun with the dragons, but now after the update, come broken eggs, broken food, ok could be fixed, I thought, now I'm waiting for days on it, I nekomme always only the same questions, which I then also answer, father zbd mother of each egg and when the food bought and where, , now that's enough, this is no longer fun
  13. Makah26


    make sure you have atleast 1 genos and and ardor at 100%
  14. Yes I have 4 well springs out and yes it was 84 % when I posted this question and now at 95 % and still at 0%
  15. PIERRE


    I am new to breeding dragons and I set everything up for my dragons to breed but they haven't produced any eggs yet but stats are high and good. I did try to re-rez the dragons and crystals but no change. What should I do?
  16. Is his mood at 75% or higher? Do you have well springs out for his mood?
  17. Honney Lynn Foxwood


    what do you do if your dragon's zeal stays at 0% and does not seem to go back ?
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  19. Avalon Crystal

    Account Link!

    Hey guys! Its Tuesday! A brand new Day! So there has been some talk about our Ancestry Archive, I want you guys to know we are hard at work on getting this feature out to you guys, I know many of you have talked about it the group, So here is step 1 to your road to the Ancestry Archive, its time to link your account. This needs to be done so that our website will link to your second life account and uuid. So how do you link your account? First thing to do is make sure that you are registered on our website Once you are logged in you will see at the menu at the top under more, Account link Here is the url but you must be signed in: There are instructions on this page for you to link your account! Please read over the instructions, and get your account linked! You will have to get a token and visit a terminal in world, all details are listed on the page. Please watch for more updates concerning the Ancestry Archive! Have a Mystical Day!
  20. Lynx

    Legendary Edition traits

    Do Legendary Edition skins pass?
  21. Avalon Crystal

    Breeding ancestry

    All traits on Dragon eggs, come from the parents, but the parents got their traits from their parents and so on. So kinda a trick question yes they only pull traits from parents, but the traits it pulls could be passed down from any dragon in the line.
  22. Yes thank you for pointing that out
  23. TempestBreyze


    There appears to be a typo here in this quote from the wiki >> "gained over time when your Drake .......... if the mood is at 75% or higher" ........... it sounds as if the Drake needs to have or do something in addition to the mood being higher. Or maybe it's just suppose to say "gained over time when the mood is at 75% or higher" ??? Clarification would be helpful.
  24. Lynx

    Breeding ancestry

    When breeding, how far back in generations influence the outcome? Is it just the parents of the dragons being bred?
  25. Avalon Crystal


    Please watch our short tutorial on digging:
  26. Avalon Crystal


    As listed on our wiki Genos - Drakes can have up to 3 genos at once it takes 1 geno for your Drake to breed with a Dragoness. Genos are gained over time when your Drake if the mood is at 75% or higher
  27. TempestBreyze


    I've read the wiki. I'm riding my dragon. I'm connected. etc etc etc .. for a good 30 minutes now, and nothing happening. How long does it generally take before the digging messages start? Is it quick, just a few minutes? Longer? What is "enough aether"? These are questions not answered in the wiki.
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