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  3. wow i really love it 

    piney earth is my name

    Skin: Earth Xumenth
    Eye: Earth Xumenth
    Claws: Fire Zuldrud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Fire Zuldrud
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Air Xaytud
    Marking: Fissure Pine

    and i love my markings 

    piney earth_001.png

  4. Mystical Creatures Dragon Auctioneer @ Huntress!!

    Here's our schedule for auctions:

  5. Yesterday
  6. Available now @ any of our locations!
  7. Available now @ any of our locations!
  8. Available now @ any of our locations!
  9. What do you mean? This is the community website.
  10. Last week
  11. Ulf Haystack

    Ulf Haystack

    how do I join the community?
  12. Excited to see a new skin and some mixed traits!

    Mystical Dragon Egg
    Skin: Earth Orvintal
    Eye: Water Gayvrenth
    Claws: Fire Zuldrud
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Water Gayvrenth
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Water Gayvrenth

  13. Beautiful new trait

    Earth Urliol Ornament Pigment728900074_EarthUrliolOrnamentPigment2.thumb.jpg.2632631d15e9d0f6f3f57506da99ce85.jpg

  14. So I am new to the dragons and I hoping I have a good breeding experience with theses. I never had luck with breeding before in second life. I'm going give this a try. I never really understood the concept of breeding or how people breed out traits in breedable pets in second life but here I am going try to give this a shot see what happens.

  15. My two first dragons sleeping.


  16. wow  

    my family is growing 


    my sweet dragon family_001.png



      nice collection totally cool.

  17. Water Air n Fire is my name 

    Skin: Water Gayvrenth
    Eye: Air Xaytud
    Claws: Fire Zuldrud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Fire Zuldrud
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Air Xaytud

    Water Air n Fire.png

  18. Hello Again I would like to see a break down of the dragons attributes more than just the skins.  Like everything that comes up in the stats before hatching so i wont have to hatch to see what it will look like if i dont have to

    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      All traits will be added to the wiki very soon so you will be able to see them! 



      could it be possible to have a page in the hud that can scan the egg and generate a example picture maybe in the future.


    Lets get ready to MC Dragon Race! Cove/80/148/3364

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  21. Mystical Creatures Auction TODAY@ 6pm slt
    ☞massive giveaways for buyers tonight
    🦎Mystical Creatures AUCTION@ђ υ η ţ я є ş ş
    🎤 TONIGHT@ 6PM slt🎤  
      ☆☾☆ 🦎Auctioneer:Wild Cherry🦎s☆☾☆
    PANELS ARE OPEN  NOW, Grab one now, they will go fast.

  22. TONIGHT 
    Saturday @ 4pm SLT
    Min. Starting Bid: 10K
    NO Drops / NO Snaps /

    Your Uber: RoofTop Elite/87/127/1024

  23. Elite 10k Min Auction Tonight @ The Rooftop Elite.  If you would like a panel come over and join the waiting list. RoofTop Elite/78/141/1023

  24. I just have to say I had ran into a couple of problems and filed a ticket and they have been dealt with so swiftly... the customer service has been awesome!

  25. Hey everyone! What a great day and its Saturday! Last night we did resume delivery on found digging items, they have all been sent out so please check your inventory if you were expecting one! Lets talk about the changes that were made: Blueprints are now transferable, when you receive a Blueprint it will be no perms until you rez it out on the ground and activate it, once you do this when you pick it up you will be able to transfer. This means that Blueprints are what you will want to trade with friends or sell in the 3rd party market! Items received from crafting Blueprints will be non transfer, so once you craft a Blueprints that item will be forever yours! As always if you have any issues please file a ticket @ and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible! Happy Crafting, Digging, and Breeding!
  26. Well I cant tell you what is wrong with here without checking settings, and things like that but I would suggest you file a ticket @ so we can get you fixed up!
  27. hugs my name is

    Earth Air n Water

    Skin: Earth Xumenth
    Eye: Air Xaytud
    Claws: Air Xaytud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Water Gayvrenth
    Ornament: Stone
    Ornament Pigment: Earth Xumenth

    Earth Air n Water_001.png

  28. I created a Flickr group. Called " Show me your Dragons!" Please join and post photos of your Dragons.

  29. I have ONE dragon in about 20 that does a exhausted countdown in chat. That same dragon keeps becoming unwell. There are other dragons around her, but she is the only one that gets sick. The range is good. plenty of food and water. Why does this keep happening?
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