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  2. Thanks for answering my question, but when i logged back in she is now at 4% ardor so she is now back to gaining ardor.. Thks
  3. Whats the mood on your dragons? If mood is over 75% then it will not gain any ardor.
  4. I have a dragon who has not gained any ardor in the last 2 days, it has sat on 0%. There is crystals and a spring well right next to it. I even bought an absorbable to help raise the mood which seems to be in the 30% range all the time. I have done all I can think of including taking back into my inventory and set it back out. The food and water is mine...any ideas
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  6. Hello Mystical fam! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Hump Day! Ive got a few things that I wanted to announce and make sure that the word was being spread about! If you missed the town hall meeting, did you know that there are 8 BRAND NEW mutation markings to be found?! Here is how you can make 3 of them! Good luck finding the others!!! Any Lacing Marking and Datentud could give you ???? Any Evergreen Trait and Ceondet could give you ???? Any Antlers and Mothers Rose Eye could give you ???? Im super excited for you guys to find these!! The second thing I wanted to talk about is out next contest!! Thats right announcing the Summer Palooza Design Contest! Starting today and going until August 1st! Now this contest is designed to be a little harder than the first, but dont let that discourage you because you have plenty of time! Here are the following rules: 1. All traits must be NON STARTER! 2. Dragon must have Double Elements, example Feather horn and Feather Ornament! 3. Dragon must have a Marking! 4. Must be born after June 1, 2023 5. Can not be a previously submitted design! So go crazy guys! There was a excellent turn out for the first contest lets make this one even better! I will have a amazing awesome prize for the the winner! Make today Mystical!! Good luck everyone!
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  8. June brings warmer weather and a fresh round of FaMESHed! The Mystical Creatures team has stock the freezer full with your favorite flavors of Mystical Creatures Popsicle Companions! Animesh dragon companion animals that you never have to feed and never grow old in your inventory. Available in Blueberry Grape, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry Banana or FatPack from the June 2023 round of the FaMESHed event located here:
  9. Co-Owner of Bright Magic Dragons

    msg me, really i dont bite

  10. I thought I posted a story and it looks like it was taken off my profile. That’s disappointing. I’m glad I have a copy of my font but I’m confused as to why it was taken down.

    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      I still see your story! 

  11. Gender: Dragoness Age: 12 Skin: Verdant Eye: Molten Soul Claw: Molten Soul Horn Element: Feathers Horn Pigment: Molten Soul Ornament Element: Spikes Ornament Pigment: Fire Zuldrud Marking: Fissure Charcoal
  12. Dragoness Skin: Tolrae Element: Air Eye: Fire Ukeinth Claws: Bloody Phantom Horn: Spikes Horn Pigment: Bloody Phantom Ornament: Spikes Ornament Pigment: Bloody Phantom Marking: Mutation Charcoal Smolder MD083c2927be29-6cf7-cf7c8f2843b98a31
  13. Xyytud Aglaonema F
    Version: 1.1
    Age: 5
    Aether: 1%
    Tranquil: 73%
    Mood: 100%
    Ardor: 93%
    Skin: Xaytud
    Element: Air
    Eye: Air Xaytud
    Claws: Air Xaytud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Air Xaytud
    Ornament: Stone
    Ornament Pigment: Aglaonema

    Snapshot _ Aragon Isle Market & Auctions, Ethereal Eden (124, 1.png

  14. {R4R} Molten Lizard Perfection (Baby Dragon roasting marshmallows) Version: 1.1 Age: 4 Dragoness Skin: Verdant Element: Water Eye: Molten Soul Claws: Molten Soul Horn: Feathers Horn Pigment: Molten Soul Ornament: Spikes Ornament Pigment: Fire Datentud Marking: Fissure Charcoal MDdfcc7de71436-ef28-3e7c1d4faa3d0abb {R4R} Zombie Wraith ( Dragon on Rock) Version: 1.1 Age: 8 Dragoness Skin: Urliol Element: Earth Eye: Ruby Claws: Earth Urliol Horn: Spikes Horn Pigment: Bloody Wraith Ornament: Feathers Ornament Pigment: Bloody Wraith Marking: Arctic Aurora Cream MD69d0e320fe7d-6b12-f51c4f0197679efe {R4R} Hellfire Zombie (Dragon on dragonfruit raft) Version: 1.1 Age: 8 Dragoness Skin: Urliol Element: Earth Eye: Molten Soul Claws: Brimstone Horn: Spikes Horn Pigment: Molten Soul Ornament: Fins Ornament Pigment: Molten Soul Marking: Mutation Ruby Fissure MD57392656ad9b-02c3-889f909a4dac7786 {R4R} Mach Wraith (Dragon fire-breathing/starting the campfire) Version: 1.1 Age: 5 Dragoness Skin: Sterling Steel Element: Fire Eye: Ruby Claws: Bloody Wraith Horn: Spikes Horn Pigment: Bloody Wraith Ornament: Feathers Ornament Pigment: Bloody Wraith Marking: Arctic Aurora Cream MD3ac797cf83b5-4bea-bff2a919f5f01017
  15. Xyytud Aglaonema F
    Version: 1.1
    Age: 3
    Aether: 1%
    Charged: 98%
    Mood: 75%
    Ardor: 52%
    Skin: Xaytud
    Element: Air
    Eye: Air Xaytud
    Claws: Air Xaytud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Air Xaytud
    Ornament: Stone
    Ornament Pigment: Aglaonema

  16. Grey Cloud

    Dragon Blueprints?

    Crafting is where a lot of the fun is with our Dragons right? Of course, it is. You can ride your dragon and find items by digging and then save them up and craft something unique. (Remember you can get the blueprints by digging also.) So let's take a look at what you can make in crafting after digging. Treasure Chest - Small Map Piece - 1 Wood - 20 Leather - 7 Treasure Chest - Large Map Piece - 3 Wood - 50 ANY Metal - 30 Dragon Horns Chitin - 25 ANY Gemdust - 4 Dragon Statue ANY Material - 75 Iron - 45 ANY Gemdust - 4 Glowing Orb Cat - 1 Back Pack ANY Fabric - 45 ANY Metal - 12 ANY Gemdust - 4 Dragon Plush ANY Fabric - 30 ANY Gem Cat - 1 ANY Gemdust - 4 Ornate Dragon Horns Chitin - 45 ANY Gemdust - 4 ANY Metal - 100 ANY Gem Cat - 1 Claw Necklace ANY Metal - 30 ANY Gem Cat - 1 Ornate Dragon Statue ANY Metal - 60 ANY Gem Cat - 1 Glowing Orb Cat - 1 ANY Gemdust - 8 Brilliant Sapphire Azurite Dust - 3 Water Essence - 3 Radiant Ruby Rubicite Dust - 3 Fire Essence - 3 Soul Gem Air Essence - 2 Water Essence - 2 Earth Essence - 2 Any Gem Cat - 1 Gallant Emerald Emerite Dust - 3 Earth Essence - 3 So why not get out there and start digging and crafting with your Dragon today.
  17. Evergreen traits with quandaes immediately made me think that together they are a beautiful message to remind us to love our planet! Let's think green, let's think positive! Skin: Qandaes Element: Water Eye: Evergreen Claws: Evergreen Horn: Fins Horn Pigment: Evergreen Ornament: Fins Ornament Pigment: Evergreen Marking: Arctic Aurora Sky
  18. A couple design inspired by a chinese series... Wei Wuxian Skin: Datentud Element: Fire Eye: Ruby Claws: Ruby Horn: Stone Horn Pigment: Ruby Ornament: Stone Ornament Pigment: Ruby Marking: Mutation Ruby Fissure Lan WangJi Skin: Fruzayl Element: Air Eye: Tranquil Waters Claws: Tranquil Waters Horn: Feathers Horn Pigment: Tranquil Waters Ornament: Feathers Ornament Pigment: Tranquil Waters Marking: Arctic Aurora Sky
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  20. Avalon look what I got today image.png.707429cfb5514f6b3d3693e3fcb5776e.png!! Ghost Dragon might be a good idea for Halloween.. ?? 



  21. Hello Mystical fam! How is everyone today! Can you believe we are already in the month of June?! Crazy right!! With a new month comes a new Mystery Sale! So for the first time ever appearing on the Mystery Sale we have the Mystical Potion of Healing!! For the entire month of June at the Mystical Main store only you can pick up the Mystical Potion of Healing for HALF PRICE!!! A single pack will cost L$ 100!! A 8 pack will cost L$ 775!! Remember these guys stay good until you use them soooo take advantage and pick some up because you never know when you might need to quick Heal a Dragon! Here is your ride to the main store: Go get your Mystical Potion of Healing for HALF PRICE!!! Make today Mystical!
  22. Its time for the monthly Mystical Town Hall Meeting! Please come and see what Mystical Creatures is up to! Always the last Friday of the month @ 1 pm slt! Mystical Creatures/22/243/32
  23. Livia


    The Watermelons are dropping a new Ornament type and pigment. The Leafage (or Foliage) and Aglaonema pigment. Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae. These plants are commonly known as Chinese evergreens. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea. Aglaonema plants are popular as indoor houseplants due to their attractive foliage and modest maintenance requirements. Here are some key features and characteristics of Aglaonema plants: Foliage: Aglaonema plants are admired for their lush, colorful, and variegated leaves. The foliage can vary in shape and size, but it is typically glossy, and lance shaped. The leaves may have assorted color patterns of green, silver, cream, yellow, or pink, depending on the variety. Growth habit: Aglaonema plants are compact and bushy, making them suitable for small spaces. They typically grow upright and reach around 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 cm). Some species produce suckers or offshoots from the base, which can be divided to propagate new plants. Light requirements: Aglaonema plants prefer bright and indirect light. They can tolerate lower light conditions, but their growth and leaf coloration may be affected. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. Temperature and humidity: Aglaonema plants thrive in average room temperatures ranging from 65 to 80°F (18 to 27°C). They prefer moderately high humidity levels, so misting the leaves or placing the plant on a humidity tray can be beneficial. Watering: These plants prefer slightly moist but well-draining soil. Allow the top inch (2.5 cm) of soil to dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering, which can lead to root rot. Reduce watering during the winter months. Soil: Aglaonema plants do well in a well-draining potting mix that retains some moisture. A mixture of peat moss, perlite, coarse sand, and orchid bark is suitable. Fertilization: Feed Aglaonema plants with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer once a month during the growing season (spring and summer). Follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging for application rates. Propagation: Aglaonema plants can be propagated through stem cuttings or by division. Stem cuttings can be taken from healthy, mature plants and rooted in water or moist potting mix. Dividing the plant during repotting is another way to propagate Aglaonema. Toxicity: Aglaonema plants contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation and discomfort if ingested. Keep them away from children and pets. Most Common varieties: There are numerous Aglaonema cultivars. Each with unique leaf patterns and colors. Some popular types include Aglaonema 'Silver Bay,' 'Emerald Beauty,' 'Red Valentine,' and 'Maria.' thank you FRANCESC for the pictures.
  24. Hello Mystical! For the next 24 hours all our dragon Edibles & Absorbables and will be 20% off! Yep, you read that right, 20%! On a more serious note, we wanted to extend our thoughts and prayers to all who have lost a loved one who served their country. This is near and dear to all of us and this weekend is dedicated to their memory. Hope everyone has a good, safe weekend and happy breeding! At the Main Store Only! Mystical Creatures/108/179/36
  25. I would suggest contacting the creator of the feeding system to trouble shoot this issue.
  26. One day, while venturing near the edge of a sparkling river that ran through the heart of Etherealia, a member of the Crystal Dragon Guardians discovered a peculiar message in a bottle. Excitement filled the air as the guardians gathered around to unravel the mystery held within the tightly sealed vessel.

    Carefully, they opened the bottle and unraveled the delicate parchment nestled inside. The script upon it was elegant, written in ancient runes that shimmered with an ethereal glow. With a sense of anticipation, they began to decipher the message.

    "To the Crystal Dragon Guardians, the bearers of wisdom and harmony," the message began. "Within your realm lies a treasure long forgotten, a relic of immense power. Seek the Forgotten Crystal, hidden in the depths of the Forbidden Forest, where the veil between worlds is thin."

    Eyes widened with wonder and curiosity as the guardians absorbed the words before them. The Forbidden Forest was a place of mystery and enchantment, shrouded in legends of ancient magic and guarded by mystical creatures. The notion of uncovering a forgotten treasure ignited a sense of adventure within their hearts.

    They knew that such a quest required careful planning and preparation. Star, with her unwavering leadership, gathered her fellow guardians, discussing the path ahead. They consulted the dragons, seeking their ancient wisdom and guidance, for they knew that the dragons' knowledge of the realm was vast.

    Days turned into nights as the Crystal Dragon Guardians studied maps, sought counsel from wise elders, and prepared for their journey. Equipped with their mining tools, protective charms, and the ethereal presence of their dragon allies, they ventured into the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

    As they moved deeper into the enchanted woods, they encountered magical creatures, both benevolent and mischievous. They faced trials and puzzles, their unity and wisdom tested at every turn. Yet, with determination and unwavering belief in their purpose, they pressed on.

    Finally, after days of exploration, they reached a secluded grove bathed in a soft, iridescent glow. There, beneath the ancient trees, they found a hidden cave entrance, concealed by the enchantments of time. The guardians cautiously stepped inside, their hearts racing with anticipation.

    Within the secret chamber, they discovered a pedestal adorned with intricate carvings, emanating a gentle radiance. Resting atop the pedestal was the Forgotten Crystal, a gem of dazzling beauty and untold power. Its iridescent glow illuminated the chamber, casting a spellbinding aura.

    As the Crystal Dragon Guardians approached, a soft whisper filled the air, resonating within their hearts. The voice spoke of balance and harmony, of the importance of safeguarding the ancient magic that connected all realms.

    With reverence and gratitude, the guardians carefully collected the Forgotten Crystal, cradling it in their hands. They knew that its power was not meant for personal gain but rather to be harnessed for the greater good of all.

    Leaving the secret chamber, the Crystal Dragon Guardians emerged from the Forbidden Forest, their spirits uplifted, and their hearts filled with newfound wisdom. They carried the Forgotten Crystal back to their village, where it would be guarded and cherished, its energy harnessed to restore harmony and protect the land they loved.

    From that day forward, the Crystal Dragon Guardians stood as the guardians of not only the crystals but also the secrets and magic of Etherealia. The discovery of the Forgotten Crystal marked the beginning of a new chapter, where their duty expanded beyond mining and into preserving the delicate equilibrium between realms.

    Their village thrived as a beacon of wisdom, attracting seekers of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. And the Crystal Dragon Guardians continued their mission, mining crystals peacefully among the dragons, while embracing the eternal quest for balance and the preservation of mystical wonders.


  27. Leafage Aglaonema F
    Version: 1.1
    Age: 5
    Aether: 1%
    Tired: 28%
    Mood: 76%
    Ardor: 100%
    Skin: Zuldrud
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Fire Zuldrud
    Claws: Fire Zuldrud
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Fire Zuldrud
    Ornament: Leafage
    Ornament Pigment: Aglaonema


  28. until
    ARAGON ISLE GRAND OPENING Come one and all to the Aragon Isle Grand Opening 6/2/23 3pm SLT There will be a MC Auction, Giveaways, Fish Bowl, Exploder, Live DJ, Mystical Creatures Satellite Store, Battle Arena, Rentals Available, Dragon Museum, MC information Center for anyone New to Dragons, Bina & Dessi Auctioneers, Something for everyone. Come check it out..
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