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  4. You can file a support ticket and they will get you more
  5. Same here, I am about to run out as well.
  6. Just wanted to give an update on how well the beta is going with these awesome dragons. We are really really close now and its super exciting for all of us here at Mystical Creatures! I have posted just a few of the many pictures some of the beta testers have posted to the website with their beta dragons, enjoy and look forward to release coming soon The Mystical Team
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  8. olivia


    when we can start the breeading? when it can be buyable in store

    fishing with you


  10. Just wondering if we will be receiving more extra food/ water for our latest dragons? (I got the extra pack but needs more Please)
  11. I love this Journey together with the Dragons.. it is so exciting and a privilege ,and an Honor to be part of this Beta Team. GO TEAM!!!

    Beta 2020-2021 Amaretto Dragons_002.jpg

  12. After going to the 2nd Q&A a few days ago and now Josaphine posting what she did today along with the video of that session... I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat

  13. So just wanted to give a heads up on a few things happing here at Mystical Creatures workshop. Just had another Q&A, which was very good, If you missed it you can watch the video here: We are just finalizing a few more things and these babies will be coming your way. I have heard grumblings and rumors that these may never release etc. If anything, you all should know not to listen to silly rumors that have no basis in reality So hold on tight, you are in for a bitchin ride very very soon!! The Mystical Team
  14. Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it does'nt exist and never shall. There is only now. 

  15. You Never Know 2021- campaign supporter ! Can I please get my sign?

  16. Hope all is well... 0.7 ..So excited 🙂



  17. Quote

    easter GIF

    Not the ear....Not the Ear......NOT THE EAR!!!! 


    1. Draelle Chandler

      Draelle Chandler


  18. until
  19. With Beta testing nearing an end, we thought it was time again for another Q&A, more questions to be answered and lots more we can share now that they have been in beta testing since Dec. It will be held on April 8th at 1pm slt on the Mystical Sim, we know sims are limited so we will be recording it for all to see and post here on our website. So mark them calendars and hope to see you there!! Mystical Creatures/58/161/40
  20. Come, lets do the beta test, they said.

    It will be fun, they said. 




  21. So my mini dragons were playing. 





    And now i owe my neighbour a truth hair. 

  22. i was bored so started to build a house of eggs.....😬

    stuff turns into buildings.jpg

    1. Dousha Sideways

      Dousha Sideways

      very nice 

  23. spacer.png

    Hail to the Queen!

  24. Wondering if there will be a option to pre-order the dragons? Also will there be a Limit to the amount of Eggs each dragon produces besides the age limit when it retires? Thank you.
  25. A Mothers love !!

    Mother protecting her egg_001.jpg

  26. I came back to SL at the right time. Excited to play 🙂

    1. asia lyric

      asia lyric

      when will we be able to purchase the dragons?

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