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  4. My daughter just got all the stuff for the Dragons. I belive 2 days ago, I went in to check, 2 have turned to stone and her food says it's a duplicate.  Whats up with that?

    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      A bad sim restart can cause a food to duplicate she needs to file a ticket @

      she needs to include a slurl to the food and her trans history from purchasing it. 

  5. No body answer me, any one help please!!

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    2. l0oo0ly


      Dragon Hatched as ancient with AGE 18957 

    3. Tyranney Karlfeldt

      Tyranney Karlfeldt

      file a ticket for that, they will fix it for you

    4. l0oo0ly


      i already have a ticket and its #2123 about the dragon problem

  6. You need to file a ticket, and get your dragons fixed, also make sure you have the latests nexus out from the store.
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  8. MsAngelicDevil

    Script errors

    Ok, everyday when im chilling on SL, i get these error scripts and need to know how i can fix this....this is when nobody is messing with the dragons..they are just wandering around the platform for them. Please help.
  9. Do you have object entry or rez set to group under land options?
  10. i am having the same issue one is down but my dragons keep saying to rez one down and the group working and all but its not fixing my issue
  11. The first thing to do is check your settings, if you think there is an issue file a ticket and let us come out and take a look at your settings and set up.
  12. Hisnuri

    High Aethor near food?

    i have noticed that some of O/our dragons have been getting sick even though food is near by. The home point had been re set when organizing them as one of the solutions suggested but more and more of the small herd have gotten sick even with food on hand and within range. What needs to happen?
  13. i noticed that some of my dragons aethor is super high even though there is food near by.  how can i avoid this in the future?

    1. Livia


      Are dragons and food rezzed on the same group? Sometimes that is the problem.

    2. Hisnuri


      no but all the items are set to all to use

  14. There are a few ways to do this you can set the mating to both you and your sisters to all or group to make them breed together, just make sure they are in range and in the proper group!
  15. Darkemperor13


    Is it possible to crossbreed my dragons with my sister's? if so what do i do and what are the requirements?
  16. Hey, Avalon, I am interested in become a vendor for the Dragon Food and Absorbables. Feel free to get in touch with me on site or in-world.  Thank you very much.

    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      If you would like to be a satellite location please file a ticket @

  17. Hey all, just wanted to say HI!

  18. So I learn yesterday how to properly breed thanks to the staff that took the time to really explain what I was doing wrong and how to breed better. I'm so excited and thankful for that time and help thank you again so much for helping me.

    1. Zain Bravo

      Zain Bravo

      What did you learn?  I'd like to learn something new as well! 🙂

  19. 685aa7ef15f80d8a1e84dd1c590147c5.thumb.jpg.4d24fdd4adeff3f6d85751515d99ca39.jpgmy three drakes that stop breeding I was told to take them off a crystal put them back on a new crystal then told not to use crystal week three and they all have genos and still no zeal. I'm more then positive that their scripts have been cruppted. but thee out of my seven drakes are stuck. Their no way of getting a redelievery. I have seen others on my new feed on facebook posting having drakes stuck there seems to be no solutions to this. Unless they able to be swap out with the company for a new one it looks like im going lose out the use of breeding from these three dragons. This def put some thing in perspective for me. I dont think im purchase any more till thier is a better solution for when this happens. In all my experience with other breedables i have try in secondlife when the script is cruppted they replace it right away and auto delete the cruppted version. I have been waiting for a solution for about week now and my tickets are being answer but im not being offered a new version for the three dragons that not working. I hope there can be a solution for this so i can cont to enjoy the dragons. I really dont want to have a negative experience with the dragons. so if anyone one i know people have skip over these post but if anyone else had this issue and had a solution please help me. thank you in advance.

  20. My New Babies 🙂 


  21. Click your dragon then environment>Identify then you type the name in local chat, you must be in local chat range.
  22. Synctuarie

    Renaming A Dragon

    I am having trouble renaming a dragon. How do I update the dragon so the new name is shown?
  23. Hi is there anyone in the community that can help me. I have three dragons who have 3 genos for over two weeks going on three and the females are at 100% they are not breeding. I have bought charms and they not working on the drakes. The the only males that not breeding out of my other males. They have breeded before with no problem. I dont want to keep spending on charms if thats not what I'm suppose to do to get them to breed. They have food I doing everything that wiki page says to breed but these three stop breeding. I have rez and rerezzed them out. I put in a ticket but it was closed. I avail in world if someone could im me i can tp over and help me please. 



      Still having trouble with the dragons is there a redeliever because im very positive that there is a script error in 3 of my drakes all my other drakes are fine. at one point one of my drakes was age 27 for whole week. its one of the drakes that not breeding. do the company have where you can exchange and get a new version redelieved like other breedables animals on secondlife?

    2. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      You should not have to by any charms to get them to breed, you can get all your support needs at  I think i have seen you file tickets before? 



      yes i have a week old ticket with you guys about the same three dragons. the script is corrupted none of your suggestions has work. Usually when a breedable script is corrupted other companies will send you a new copy and auto delete corrupted version. I'm new to your guys breedables. So I been following everything you saying but its three weeks now same dragons still not gaining and zeal 3 drakes out of seven drakes who's scripts are working fine. So It cant be something im doing wrong its is a script error. 

  24. Please read over our handlers guide
  25. hello, where do the Ascension points go


    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      You accumulate them to use for crafting currently. 

  26. Definetely no. Like Avalon always says "you never know" ^^. There are no dominant traits though, so all can come from all.....there is no "recipe" for breeding special skins or traits.
  27. You don't set your dragons on breeding or not breeding, it's all about the food you give them. If you don't want them to breed, you have to feed them arid crystals, if you want them to breed you need to feed them feracious crystals. If you feed them petfood (arid crystals) and want them to breed again, it takes several days for them to gain ardor and zeal again, not sure about the time though.
  28. Depends if you want them to breed or if you want them being pets, for breeding you need feracious crystals, the petfood is arid crystals
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