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    Avalon Crystal

    Get ready to Rumble!

    Mystical Creatures first Rumble! Thats right im calling all Mystical Creatures breeders to get ready and level up! 

    The update has been out since Jan 2, 2024 that has been enough time for everyone to familiarize them self with battling PVE and get some dragons leveled up and ready for battle! 

    Its time for the firsts Mystical Creatures Rumble! This will be a  bracket style tournament with one winner! I would love to have you participate! 

    I can promise you this the winner of the Rumble will be handsomely rewarded! I can't tell you what the prize will be because its a SURPRISE but I can tell you that you will not be disappointed!

    If you would like to apply to take pare in the first ever battle tournament, please send a nc with your name to Avalon Crsytal!

    Once I have enough participants I will pick a date! If you would like to participate but need some help leveling up your dragon please let me know in world. I have had 2 battling classes and will do more if they are needed! 

    I am very excited to see how this turns out! Send me those notecards and lets get the first Rumble on the books!

    Make today Mystical! 

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