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    Do you use a DEM?!

    Hey Mystical Family! I wanted to take some time out to talk about something that might make your Dragon breeding life much easier! Whats that? The Mystical Dragon Environment Manipulator v2.0, or as most people call it the DEM!


    What is the DEM?
    Its a tool that can change the settings of all dragons on a sim with just a few clicks!  
    The settings you can change are the following:

    How do you use the DEM?
    Well my first trick is that you should select DEM Text and turn it on, so you can easily see what you have the settings set to. 

    The hover text will display the DEM's current settings. 

    You want to go thru each setting and set them how you want, it is very important that you DO NOT HIT ACTIVATE until your settings are set to your liking. 

    My second trick to tell you, for me I always make sure the the Home Set is set to Resetting Home! So if i move my dragons around a quick click of the DEM all my Dragons homes will be reset to where they are currently standing. 

    Here are my current settings from my DEM:
    Avalon Crystal's 'Mystical Dragon Environment Manipulator v2.0'
    D.E.M. Settings:
    Mobility: Immobile
    Text: On
    Sound: Off
    Perimeter: Unchanged
    Home: Reset Home
    Breath: Breath Off

    These are perfect settings esp if you are using at a market because it may be required that you have sounds and movement turned off. 

    Once you have everything set the way you want its time to click the DEM and select Activate, doing this changes the settings on all dragons that you own on the sim!!!

    Keep in mind your settings may be different if you want your dragons to move, or breathe, but i suggest always resetting home! 

    If your DEM is blue and not green head over to any store and pick up a new updated DEM!!! 

    Well I hope that you will start using the DEM if you don't already!
    Make today Mystical!

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