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  1. Pretty dragon at mystical sim!


  2. Just watched the new video for the dragons ,i swear that it seemed i was watching a movie preview 😄 

    was waiting for gandalf of lords of the rings to pop out .

      goood way to get a preview of whats to come..check it out!

    Meet the Mystical Dragons, their Absorbables, Edibles & Products - YouTube


  3. its getting kindof cold with winter and all ...would be nice to have some dragon fire heating us up!...hint hint 😄

  4. so i called  a few of those people on the list to join the groups

    but i think  someone cut my string  between my two tin cans @_@...... 

  5. Thank you for accepting me into Beta ,looking forward to it.

  6. Hello guys ,question.How do you get into the beta testing ?

    1. Konstantin Alpha

      Konstantin Alpha

      Hey Qtee, just make sure you have clicked join group here: