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  1. i was bored so started to build a house of eggs.....😬

    stuff turns into buildings.jpg

    1. Dousha Sideways

      Dousha Sideways

      very nice 

  2. Pretty dragon at mystical sim!


  3. Just watched the new video for the dragons ,i swear that it seemed i was watching a movie preview 😄 

    was waiting for gandalf of lords of the rings to pop out .

      goood way to get a preview of whats to come..check it out!

    Meet the Mystical Dragons, their Absorbables, Edibles & Products - YouTube


  4. its getting kindof cold with winter and all ...would be nice to have some dragon fire heating us up!...hint hint 😄

  5. so i called  a few of those people on the list to join the groups

    but i think  someone cut my string  between my two tin cans @_@...... 

  6. Thank you for accepting me into Beta ,looking forward to it.

  7. Hello guys ,question.How do you get into the beta testing ?

    1. Sebastian Vanlager

      Sebastian Vanlager

      Hey Qtee, just make sure you have clicked join group here: