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  1. i know we are still haveing problem with  the  vrs 8 nexues 

    1. Josaphine Cooperstone

      Josaphine Cooperstone

      If there is an issue please file a support ticket. At this time we have no reported issues

    2. jaypod001 Resident

      jaypod001 Resident

      it ok  i  understand  the issues

  2. How old when they stop breeding?
  3. i knew i was right  it was soo soon yay i love this journey

    1. Revan Salamander

      Revan Salamander

      This is for Beta though?

    2. jaypod001 Resident

      jaypod001 Resident

      that  is why  it is amazing  journey 

      age 2 dragons_001.png

    3. jaypod001 Resident

      jaypod001 Resident

      that  is why  it is amazing  journey 

      when you walk thru time  unfold mysteries from the past  come to unknown  many uncentries  can not  be found  the love of  dragons can be  found with in the Asian wall in written times has been capture in our hearts  and opened mind with golden treasures are fulfilled royalties in their way  and understanding there balance of the yin  and yang 

  4. I know  the  adventure  is  coming  i  am so excited  to  see how much it has evolve and grown  to make this far  the process is more overwhelming  and inspiring dictation into awesome details 

  5. they look awesome i can not wait look at the amazing and awesome creation

  6. i can not wait to make this wonderful adventure with every1