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  1. After being away for awhile I am not doing good with pricing my eggs. if anyone wants to pop over to any of my stalls and give suggestion/advice I am open to it.

    Anyways here is one of the eggs I am actually proud of!
    I think that would look very pretty!

    3x Flarenacht 2x Lucky Clover LA
    Skin: Flarenacht
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Flarenacht
    Claws: Lucky Clover
    Horn: Zephyr
    Horn Pigment: Flarenacht
    Ornament: Fins
    Ornament Pigment: Lucky Clover
    Marking: Mutation Lemon Aurora

  2. After being gone from Dragon breeding for awhile, I am back at it and already acceded my new brood of 16 dragons since starting back up. I am now on my second set of 16 dragons. I went ham on buying food so i now have over 100 ferocious crystals and well springs. I am also trying my hand at getting twilight enkindler, so i have 4 Candlite dragons. I have plenty of eggs for sale even ones from the King Arthur LEs. Not a single  new trait from them. Hopefully soon I will have some pretty little dragons.