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  1. Hi is there anyone in the community that can help me. I have three dragons who have 3 genos for over two weeks going on three and the females are at 100% they are not breeding. I have bought charms and they not working on the drakes. The the only males that not breeding out of my other males. They have breeded before with no problem. I dont want to keep spending on charms if thats not what I'm suppose to do to get them to breed. They have food I doing everything that wiki page says to breed but these three stop breeding. I have rez and rerezzed them out. I put in a ticket but it was closed. I avail in world if someone could im me i can tp over and help me please. 



      Still having trouble with the dragons is there a redeliever because im very positive that there is a script error in 3 of my drakes all my other drakes are fine. at one point one of my drakes was age 27 for whole week. its one of the drakes that not breeding. do the company have where you can exchange and get a new version redelieved like other breedables animals on secondlife?

    2. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      You should not have to by any charms to get them to breed, you can get all your support needs at  I think i have seen you file tickets before? 



      yes i have a week old ticket with you guys about the same three dragons. the script is corrupted none of your suggestions has work. Usually when a breedable script is corrupted other companies will send you a new copy and auto delete corrupted version. I'm new to your guys breedables. So I been following everything you saying but its three weeks now same dragons still not gaining and zeal 3 drakes out of seven drakes who's scripts are working fine. So It cant be something im doing wrong its is a script error.