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    Ancestry Archive Now Available!!!

    Its a Magical Mystical Day!! We are sooooooo excited to announce that our Ancestry Archive is now up and running!

    What do you need to do? Well hopefully your account is already linked! If not please read over this post to learn how to link your account:

    Once you are linked please login to our website at:

    Now you are logged in across the top header you will see Ancestry button looks like this:


    Once you click the Ancestry button you will see a list of all the Dragons that you currently own!  You can click on the column header to sort by Dragon ID, Name, Last Location, Age, Gender, Skin, or Eye!

    If a UUUID is listed in Red this Dragon is duplicated and you will need to file a ticket to have it fixed. 

    You can Click on the Dragon uuid to go to its lineage page, here is what a linage page looks like:

    On the lineage page you will see grandparents and parents listed. You can click on any box and it will take you to that Dragons lineage page.


    Please note if you do not own the dragon you will not be given its last location. 

    You may also use the Go to Eggs button and it will bring up the list of all the Dragon eggs you own, and will be able to access the lineage page for each egg. The eggs will not show if they have been birthed. 

    You will not be able to see dragons or eggs that you have sent to accession, you can share a lineage page with anyone as long as their account is linked and they are logged in.

    If you lose a Dragon you should be able to find it on your list and click the last location and it will bring a slurl and teleport you in world.  

    We hope that utilize this tool to enhance your breeding! Make it a Mystical Day everyone! 

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