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    Account Link!

    Hey guys! Its Tuesday! A brand new Day! So there has been some talk about our Ancestry Archive, I want you guys to know we are hard at work on getting this feature out to you guys, I know many of you have talked about it the group, 

    So here is step 1 to your road to the Ancestry Archive, its time to link your account. This needs to be done so that our website will link to your second life account and uuid. 

    So how do you link your account? First thing to do is make sure that you are registered on our website


    Once you are logged in you will see at the menu at the top under more, Account link

    Here is the url but you must be signed in:

    There are instructions on this page for you to link your account! Please read over the instructions, and get your account linked!  You will have to get a token and visit a terminal in world, all details are listed on the page.  Please watch for more updates concerning the Ancestry Archive! 

    Have a Mystical Day! 

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