Cards Against Humanity!

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Are you looking for a break from your Dragons? Well come join us for what will be some laughs! 

We are going to play Cards Against Humanity! Mystical Creatures/79/114/40


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I personally would like to raise a polite objection to this activity. The game "Cards Against Humanity" is rife with inappropriate sexual and racist overtones. While I understand and acknowledge that everyone has their own level of ribald tolerance, the racism upon which that game builds most of its caché is completely out of date for 2023 - not to say that it ever should have been in vogue.

Sun and Moon has wonderful activities we could enjoy as a group - some game tables, and the brand new obstacle course. I love the idea of playing a game together as a community. However, I would like to respectfully request that another game is chosen, one that is appropriate and welcoming for our diverse community.

Thank you,

Mao Lemieux

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its fine to suggest another game but ill come do it at Nest egg ty.....

  not everyone wants to do an obstacle course......... and the point was i think to meet and chat with people we don't normally get to chat with  and like it says , not talk dragons so ya maybe another game but defo with Avalon and the gang  at there house lol

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