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    Welcome our newest Beta Testers!!!

    Hey there Mystical Family! If you missed the announcement we are currently accepting applications for you to have a chance to become a Mystical Creatures Beta Tester!

    The following people have applied and been accepted:
    Max (maxmc444)
    jaimymontoya Resident
    Mystique Jestyr
    Nikki Detritus
    MarieHope Edenflower
    GreenWitch Babii
    Loki Clifton
    rayden evergarden
    susan mullery
    angelique winslet
    dolly bunny
    darklore ravenhurst
    opaline passiflora
    kizber .firecaster 
    nyxie littlepaws
    Laika Karillion
    Fyodor McGregor
    Priscilla Diavolo
    Toxic Desire
    G Leeder
    lanny littlepaws
    Diva Larsson
    Minx Razor
    dessi tyran
    Lotta Himmel
    vortex winterfeld

    If your name is on the list and you didnt get the invite please message Avalon Crystal!
    If your name is not on this list and you are NOT currently already in the group
    ~~Mystical Creatures BETA~~
    you need to apply!

    Want to be a Mystical Creatures beta tester? 
    Its that time and we are opening up the ability to everyone to become a Mystical Creatures Beta Tester!

    Want to apply? Well make a notecard tittled with you name in the note card let us know how long you have been breeding! 

    We will accept applications until Sept 22, 2023! So get your application turned in! 

    Drop your application in the beta tester statue at the Main store Landing Point! 

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