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    Welcome Dragon Breeders

    Dear Breeders,

    Today I thought I would try to answer the most frequent questions I  get asked on a daily basis 🙂 

    First I just want a shout out a big WELCOME to all the new dragon breeders out there!  (woot woot!) 

    Secondly I want to give props to all of our seasoned breeders that help everyone in the group!  You guys are amazing!  

    I do not know about the rest of you but, for me I feel a welcoming part of the community.  I have made a lot of new friends and have really enjoyed seeing all the designer dragons that you all have made.  

    Okay with that being said lets start with ...... SHOPPING !!!!




    One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:  How do I price my dragon and where do I find dragons for sale.  

    My answer is always this:  Go to the official Mystical Creatures Markets.  If you look up at the menu bar you will see the tab: LOCATIONS

    This will bring up a link of every official Mystical Creatures Markets.  All you have to do is TP to the different markets shop and compare prices of dragons.  ALSO!  Attend the auctions of each market.  You will gain a lot of insight on what certain traits are going for.  

    ***Looking for an auction?***  Every Auction house has a sign letting you know where and when a dragon auction is happening.


    Secondly I always suggest they get involved in the community.  Attend the Town Hall Meetings to hear about all the news directly from the Mystical Creatures Team.  

    Thirdly join the official Mystical Creatures groups to stay involved.  At Every Mystical Creatures store you will see this sign for you to join the groups: 


    You can also find us on Discord as well 🙂  The Mystical Creatures


    ****Did I mention the Mystery Sale?****

    Every month Miss Josie puts one item for sale at the main store only!  Huge savings and well worth the mention!  Take advantage of the sale and stock up on your favorite adsorbables!

    ALSO since we are on the topic of shopping 🙂 Only available at the main store is the past Fameshed items.  So if you missed one or you are new and never seen what other items Mystical Creatures has for sale.  Check it out.   

    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trending news in Mystical Creatures!  


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