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    Dear Breeders,

    Today I want to talk about your dragon's crown of glory, their horns!  Some dragons like to mix it up with their Ornament Pigments.  Dare I say they move to a different beat? While others are purists and like to have their skin, horn and ornaments to be in the same family.  For example if your dragon skin is in the water family then they would use double fin horn and ornament.  Still yet their are those breeders who love the look of doubles regardless of what the skin pigment.  For example a popular choice is double Feathers.  With so many different options available designing your dragons will never get boring.  Lets take a look at the different horns that are available:  HORNSARTWORK.thumb.jpg.482f8fad8ba31fafc042b388e30c0c01.jpg

    Yes I agree each horn is lovely!  Its rather hard for me to pick a favorite.  My advice to you is let your dragon toot its own horn!  

    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trending news in Mystical Creatures. 

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