• Avalon Crystal
    Avalon Crystal

    Time to Hunt!!

    Alright guys its hunt time! Are you excited??
    Lets talk about how you start!

    Head on over to the main store:
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Mystical Creatures/105/152/32

    Look for this podium and click the vendor!

    Inside there are 3 objects:
    Mystical Dragons 1st Birthday Hat (wearable) this is just for fun please wear it to our Birthday Party!

    Mystical Birthday Bash Basket - You will need to wear this item while you are hunting! When you click a found ingredient it will go to your basket!

    Stone Platform[Rezzable Surface] this is how you will turn in your crafted cakes and receive  your Mystical Birthday items!

    Now once you have your basket attached to your avatar you will head over to any of the hunt locations listed here:

    Mystical Creatures~ powered by Amaretto MAIN STORE

    Satellite Stores 
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Chinchilla Isle/33/32/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miniconjou/225/149/25
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Golden Autumn/29/169/32
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Crest/105/245/23
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eden Park/130/173/21

    You will need to look around and find the following ingredients:
    Mystical Cake Flour
    Mystical Candle
    Mystical Eggs
    Mystical Milk

    You collect these by wearing your basket and clicking these items hidden around, once you click the item it will disappear  and go to your basket. Once you have found the following you are ready to head on over to the main sim and bake a Mystical Celebration Cake:
    5 Mystical Cake Flour
    1 Mystical Candle
    2 Mystical Eggs
    3 Mystical Milk

    You will click the oven and follow the prompts to bake your cake! A Mystical Celebration Cake will be sent to your inventory, Don't loose this you will need it later!!!

    Now you have the choice to turn in your cakes for the following:
    1 Mystical Celebration Cake  -Mystical Dragon Mask (wearable)
    2 Mystical Celebration Cakes - Mystical Dragon Wings (wearable)
    3 Mystical Celebration Cake -  Commemorative Dragon Plush
    5 Mystical Celebration Cake - 2022 Legendary Edition - Molten Soul

    You will only be able to get 1 of each item!!! 
    To turn in cakes rez out your  Stone Platform[Rezzable Surface] and the right amount of Mystical Celebration Cake[Crafted] onto the stone. You will click the stone and from a pop up menu select the item you want to turn your cakes in for, then you will click the Mystical Celebration Cakes and then click craft!


    You will see in local Stone Platform[Rezzable Surface]: Crafting Finished and your item will be sent to your object folder in your inventory! Thats it you will have your item and can move on to the next one you want to make!!

    Remember you can only make one of each and you must be an active breeder!!!   If you need any help please file a ticket and we will get you all fixed up!!
    Happy hunting everyone make today Mystical! 

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