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    The Designer Look....

    People often ask me, ‘Why are the dragons so popular? What makes breeders so enamoured by them?’

    Well, everyone has their favourite breedable and there are many and varied reasons why people are drawn to dragons. For me, one of the most exciting and alluring reasons is the fact that, unlike many other breedables, you have so many choices – a literal smorgasbord – of traits to work with. You can put any trait, any horn, any ornament on any dragon you like, literally building the ‘perfect’ dragon that is unique to you. And when we come to dragon battles, everyone is going to want their perfect Battle Dragon out there in the arena. Right?

    So what choices do you have?

    Let’s start with coats. There are many gorgeous skins to work with now, (there’s a list of them on our Wiki at https://dragon.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Dragon_Skins )

    You have the robust, unpretentious tones of the Earth Dragons, the pastel airy palette of the Air Dragons, the scorching dash of the Fire Dragons and the moist waves of the Water Dragons. Each one of those has its own ornament, horn, claws and eye.

    You can then mix any of these with a blistering array of markings – Lemon Smolder, Fissure Charcoal, the brand new Wisteria Lace – or even the mysterious Charcoal Smolder…..

    Some people like to do bold, striking designs to create an exotic salamander look. Some people prefer more delicate blends of pastels and gentle lacings.

    Claws, eyes, horns – the choice is yours. Some people spend months, blending, refining and honing their designs until they are ‘fixed’ and the line keeps giving the same, striking look. Others might be just a ‘one of a kind’ to which you want to give the gift of Eternity.

    The colours and traits have been expertly designed, so they meld together beautifully, giving an endless choice of elements that work together well, either to clash and create the ‘WOW’ factor or the refined amalgamation of the ‘AWWWWW’ factor.

    Personally, I like a mixture of both. I love experimenting with the pattern and patina of the palette and keep many dragons ready to dip into, if the muse comes upon me, ready to breed.

    But what about the Battles…..?

    I know a lot of people are working on the Wailing and Phantom traits to create their battle-hardened brood. Or perhaps you’d like something regal and royal-looking, with the Flarenacht or Zaetus traits…. The choice is yours.

    One thing is for sure – people LOVE a striking dragon and people are always on the lookout for something original and striking.

    Why don’t you post some of your designs on our Connections pages? We LOVE seeing what you guys have come up with!

    Sparrow x


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