• Livia

    The 2023 Birthday Edition - Dawnlight Gale

    Dawn light gale dragons, 
    A symphony of the skies. 
    The sun's first rays, a golden veil, 
    As dragons dance and fly.

    Their wings spread wide, they catch the breeze, 
    And soar above the land. 
    Their fiery breath, a morning song, 
    As dawn begins to stand.

    Through mist and cloud, they glide with grace, 
    Their scales aglow with light. 
    A timeless dance, a wondrous sight, 
    As dragons greet the day.


    To celebrate Mystical Creatures' 2nd Birthday for 24 hours on September 15, 2023, you could get a random drop, the 2023 2nd Birthday Edition - Dawnlight Gale, from any breeding!🎂
    The Dawnlight Gale Skin, Eye, Claws, Horn Pigment, and Ornament Pigment DO pass! 🥳🎉


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