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    Summer Palooza Winners!

    Hello Mystical Family! Hope everyone is having a great Friyay! I am soo excited to annouce the winners for the Summer Palooza Design contest!

    First, let me thank everyone for comming out and checking out these amazing designs, as well as HUGE thank you for everyone who participated in our 2nd Dragon Designer Contest! 

    Lets talk about the winners!

    In the first ever Breeders Choice pick! Congratulations to Ψ Lεη Ψ (lenaik)! 


    [THF] The Juicy Rose King
    Skin: Verdant
    Element: Water
    Eye: Juicy Watermelon
    Claws: Juicy Watermelon
    Horn: Stone
    Horn Pigment: Juicy Watermelon
    Ornament: Leafage
    Ornament Pigment: Caladium
    Marking: Mutation Rose Aurora

    In 3rd place congrats to Ðɾäνєɾius Ðäɾklöɾє (darklore.ravenhurst) for their entry!


    F Zaet ZephC Shallow3 Z/F MRipE
    Element: Water
    Eye: Shallows
    Claws: Elegant Zephyr
    Horn: Zephyr
    Horn Pigment: Shallows
    Ornament: Feathers
    Ornament Pigment: Shallows
    Marking: Mutation Emerald Ripple

    Taking home 2nd place with this amazing dragon is Fᴀᴡɴ Fᴀᴛᴀʟ™ (the.enchantment)!


    Skin: Flarenacht
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Molten Soul
    Claws: Molten Soul
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Molten Soul
    Ornament: Fins
    Ornament Pigment: Molten Soul
    Marking: Mutation Ruby Fissure

    Now for our 1st place winner! This dragon was amazing and our judges thought so too! Congratulations to Max (maxmc444)!


    F Brim/JW/LAgla/MRoseA
    Skin: Brimstone
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Juicy Watermelon
    Claws: Fire Ceondet
    Horn: Stone
    Horn Pigment: Brimstone
    Ornament: Leafage
    Ornament Pigment: Aglaonema
    Marking: Mutation Rose Aurora

    So here is the rundown:
    1st Max (maxmc444)  
    2nd Fᴀᴡɴ Fᴀᴛᴀʟ™ (the.enchantment)   
    3rd     Ðɾäνєɾius Ðäɾklöɾє (darklore.ravenhurst)    
    Breeders Choice Ψ Lεη Ψ (lenaik)  

    Congratulations guys!! These dragons were so amazing! Be sure that you name your trend setters and submit them to MMOC!

    Prizes will be handed out and dragons returned, lets talk about our next design contest at the Town Hall meeting later this month!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

    Make today Mystical! 


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