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    Summer Palooza Registration!!

    Hey guys! I know you are all rearing to go to get your entries in for the Summer Palooza Design Contest!

    I will be taking registration for the next week until August 8th! 
    Here is how to submit your registration: 

    Create a note card with the following:
    Picture of your dragon
    Full Stats of your dragon
    Full stats of parents 

    Send your nc to Avalon Crsytal

    As I receive entires I will be making sure they meet all requirements and will let you know that your submission has been accepted! 

    Here were the rules just to remind everyone:
    1. All traits must be NON STARTER!
    2. Dragon must have Double Elements, example Feather horn and Feather Ornament!
    3. Dragon must have a Marking!
    4. Must be born after June 1, 2023
    5. Can not be a previously submitted design!
    6. Must be born before Aug. 1, 2023

    After registration is completed I will ask you to send me your dragon, please do not send me your dragon before then. 

    If you have any questions please message Avalon Crystal!
    Good luck everyone!