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    Sick Dragons???

    Hey guys, hows everyone out there in Dragon land?! 
    I watned to talk to you guys about something that i have seen a few people filing tickets on. 

    That is Sick Dragons! 
    There are a few things ive seen people do that is causing sick dragons!

    • Food is not in range
    • Food is set to one group and dragon is set to another
    • If you move dragon without rezzing and did not reset home
    • Dragon is set to Arid and have Feracious Crystals out or the other way

    The first thing to do if you see your dragons aether increasing please rerezz it and check range. 

    Most of these things are what makes your dragon not eat, and remember it takes your Dragons 3 days to get sick, its not something that happens instantly! 

    If your Dragon becomes sick it will need to eat for 3 days to get well or use a Mystical Potion of Healing that will make it well instantly! Remember if you check all these things and still dont know why your dragon isnt eating please file a ticket.

    Have a Mystical Day everyone! 

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