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    Renew Contest now accepting Entries!

    Hello Mystical Family! Its finally time to open up entries for the Renew Contest!!


    Lets talk about how you can submit your entry, you will need to create a nc and name the nc your name. 

    On the note card please paste your FULL dragons stats including the uuid, as well as the parents, send your nc to Avalon Crystal no later than June 7th, 2024!

    The rules for the contest have been stated on the forums and talked about at the community meeting several times but here they are again:

    Egg must be born between the following dates 2/23/2024 until 6/1/2024

    Skin must be  a new starter:

    Must have 5 non starter traits! 

    Once I recieved your entries they will be reviewed if not accepted I will contact you. 

    As your entry is accepted I will send out directions, on how to get me your contest entry to be displayed for the voting stage of the contest! 

    Good luck everyone! Make today Mystical!

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