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    PVE Battling!

    Hello Mystical Fam! I hope everyone is having a great day! I wanted to take some time out today and talk to you guys about battling and who is on top of the leader boards!

    If you have not already updated your dragons to 2.0, what are you waiting for??

    If you have already updated, i want to know have you tried PVE battling? 

    With the release of 2.0 you can now battle with your dragons! So where do you start? Lets talk about it!

    Any 2.0 dragon that is over 5 days old and is not a LE or a Starter  and not Ancient can battle!

    I would recommend stating by watching this help video:

    PVE battles are the only way to level up your Dragon to increase its attack, defense, speed, and focus.  With victorious battle you will gain XP, when enough XP is gained your dragon will level up! 

    Why do you want to PVE? Well you need to get your Dragon to at least level 5 so you can battle others!!

    If your lazy like me the good news is you can buy dragons that are already leveled up to battle!

    Some of you guys have already been battling! Check out the leader board


    So big shout to Lanny LIttlepaws for being on top with 742 PVE battles!

    Now my question to you is will you knock her off?! 

    This is just one new feature in the 2.0 update, lots of other cool battling features for you to enjoy!
    If you have questions about battling just shout! 
    Make today Mystical everyone!