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    New Nexus Crystal and Hud Fixes!

    Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying your mystical journey so far! We have been watching the groups and listening to all the feedback that you have been giving us. 

    With that being said there are a few fixes we are going ahead and implementing immediately.


    • We have fixed the hud so when you click someone elses Dragon the Dragon info is displayed on your hud
    • We have also fixed  the hud info to display properly for Dragons that have their text turned off
    • We have solved the issue of some peoples Dragons giving the script error "Cannot use a script to move a linkset while it is playing an animation. Stop the animation first."

    So what do you have to do? Well you must go to any Mystical creatures location and pick up a brand new Nexus! You do not need to Update your dragons as this is not an update. You will need to set out the new Nexus so that when your Dragons turn 5 and grow they will have these fixes implemented.  Please delete your old Nexus Crystal first! 

    You will also want to get a NEW Hud at any location so that the Hud Fixes will work for you as well! 


    Speaking of Nexus Crystals I want to make one thing clear, each person needs their own Nexus, a sim owner can not set out one Nexus for everyones Dragons on the sim! The Nexus Crystal is very important your Dragons will not function properly nor will you be able to hatch new Dragons when you start having Off Spring!

    If you have two Nexus Crystals out both will turn red and you will need to delete one and touch the other to start it again!

    If your Dragons say please rez Nexus Crystal, please make sure you have a Nexus out and give it over and hour for the Dragon to recognize that there is a Nexus Crystal.

    If you have ANY issues please file a ticket @  https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/support/

    Thank you so much for all of your support! 
    ?The Mystical Team?652126862_MysticalNexusCrystal.thumb.jpg.b3c0787e9e4d4a3c2d9e8dda28afbdb4.jpg

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