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    Name and Reset Home Tips!!

    Hey guys! Its Ava here, I wanted to share a few very important tips for your Dragons! 

    First is I want you guys to know the importance of naming your dragons! Why is this important? 
    Well a few different reasons if you lose a dragon and have to file a ticket the first thing we will ask you is which Dragon your missing.  This is also a great way to keep track of parents and who you want to breed to who!

    The limits on characters when naming is 36 characters.
    Avoid putting symbols in the name most symbols are not allowed, your Dragon will tell you the name contains faulty characters.

    Even if you just number you Dragons please name them!

    The second thing I wanted to talk about is moving your dragons and resetting home, there are some different ways you can reset the home on your Dragons, 
    Rerezzing your Dragon in world resets home.
    Using the Dragons menu by choosing environment and then set home.
    Use the DEM once you have the setting on to Reset Home when you activate you will reset the home on all Dragons on your sim.

    If you have your Dragon rezzed out in world and move it using the edit and drag method, you could get your Dragons out of range of their food or well spring. If you do that your Dragon may not eat or may not use the Well Spring to have enough mood to gain Ardor or Zeal! 
    You must Reset the Home to ensure this does not happen! 

    Please share these tips with your Dragon loving friends! 

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