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    Mystical Orange Mushroom Egg Display!

    Afternoon Mystical Friends and Breeders! I wanted to show off something that was found today! 

    Take a look at this:


    What is this? This is an egg display you can use at markets simple place your eggs in the contents and it rezzes them out on the mushroom! If someone comes along and buys one it automatically rezzes another egg from the contents!

    Where did it come from? Diggin!
    You must dig and find a Blue print named Blueprint: Mystical Orange Mushroom Egg Display!
    Once you have found the Blue print you must craft here is the recipe:
    100 AP
    15 Clay
    15 Stone
    15 Wood

    Once you craft the blueprint the  Mystical Orange Mushroom Egg Display! will be sent to your inventory!

    Remember you have the ability to sell or trade blueprints you find as well as resources that are listed on your hud on the crafting page!!

    This is just  one new exciting thing that you can craft there are many more! Have you tried digging to find something new?! 
    Make today Mystical!

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