• Livia

    Mystical Nesting Charm

    Sometimes we can't just wait till our dragons get ready to breed. Reasons can be multiple. You're in a hurry to drop a new trait, or you're just an impatient person. Anyway, there is a legal shortcut to gaining precious time. It doesn't matter if it's a drake or a dragoness. But the solutions and effects are different, and also the price.

    One can only use a drake charm booster once per 24 hours and can only use it until it reaches 3 Genos. It will not work if the drake already has 3 Genos'. So it's like that famous blue pill; the drake is ready to breed right after taking it. A single Mystical Nesting Charm for Drakes costs L$799.


    The Mystical Nesting Charm for Dragonesses is a one-time use charm (per 24 hours) that will increase one of your dragonesses' Ardor by 33%. A Mystical Nesting Charm for Dragonesses costs L$699.



    To use it, in both cases, open the boxed Mystical Nesting Charm and rez next to the dragon you wish to boost stats. Then click the animal and go to the "Absorbables" option on the menu, find "Nesting Charm" from the options on the menu, and click it. Once it updates the dragon stats, the Nesting Charm will disappear.