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    Mystical Magical Surprise!!!

    Hey there Mystical Family! I know that everyone has been enjoying all the new releases that we have been putting out for you guys. Lots of you are taking advantage of the Ancestry Archive! Ive seen a few you of you with the Ascension Dragons as well.

    I do know that you guys are ready for something new! Well we are too so lets talk all about it!
    Starting today, anytime you breed any two Fire Zuldrid Starter dragons together you have the possibility to get a very Mystical Surprise! 

    We do realize that you may no longer have any Fire Zuldrid Starter dragons so we have set out brand new vendors allowing you to purchase a Drake or a Dragoness Fire Zuldrid Starter.

    Starter Dragons have no parents and are purchased directly from Mystical Creatures. 

    What is this Mystical Magical Surprise? Well im not going to tell you that you gotta breed them and find out! I will explain more in detail once we have seen them out in the wild. 

    Remember this Mystical Magical Surprise could come from any breeding of two Fire Zuldrid Starter dragons. Good luck everyone! 



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