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    Mystical Creatures - Moon Pool


    Dragons are reptiles, so they are cold-blooded creatures, also known as ectotherms or poikilotherms, and are animals whose body temperature varies with the temperature of their surroundings. Unlike warm-blooded creatures (endotherms), which can regulate their body temperature internally, cold-blooded creatures rely on external heat sources to warm up and become more active.
    Environmental conditions directly influence the metabolism and activity levels of cold-blooded creatures. When the environment is warm, they become more active, and their metabolism increases. Conversely, their activity slows, and their metabolism decreases in colder conditions.


    Mystical Creatures has launched at FaMESHed the Moon pools. You can use them to decorate your sim and relax with your friends and dragons. They contain nine poses and come in 3 different versions (Obsidian, Sandy, and Mossy).


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