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    Mystical Creatures Birthday Surprises!!!!

    Good morning Mystical Family! Today we celebrate Mystical Creatures turning 1 years old!!! 

    In honor of our first Birthday we have some surprises for you!!!

    The first one is we are having a sale on ALL Mystical products you can save 20% on any of our products!! Take advantage of this sale it is only here for 24 hours!! This sale is only at our Main Store Location!!!! 

    2nd Surprise of the day is that all dragons and eggs sent to Ascension will be worth double points today!!!  The double points will last 24 hours from this notice. 

    Be sure that you check all your eggs today because they maybe a special Birthday Surprise!!

    We also will have big announcement at the party today starting at 11 AM SLT! Here is your ride!

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Mystical Creatures/68/90/40

    hope you will attend. If you are not able to get to the sim please feel free to listen on your own land!!


    We will have prizes to give away today, at the party, in the group, on our website, and on our facebook!!

    Here is the links you will need:

    We hope to see you at 11 AM!! Happy Birthday Mystical Family!!

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