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    Mystical Creature Tips!

    Greeting my fellow Dragon handlers! Hope everyone is having a Mystical Day!

    So there are a few things I wanted to talk to you about today! 
    The first tip I have for you guys is if you are using the Union Crystal, If you are using a Union Crystal to pair your Dragons, you can not edit and shift drag your Union Crystal to make another in world. This will send us a notice and break the Union Crystal. 


    Second tip of the day I want to talk about is Range! Well on the Dragons it is called Perimeter To change the Perimeter on a Dragon you click the Dragon to bring up the menu, then choose environment, then Perimeter! 

    You will get a notice in local chat like this:
    [11:19] Mystical Dragon: Say the range value you want in local chat
    You will need to type a Value in local chat like:
    [11:19] (You): 10
    You will also get confirmation in local chat of the change like:
    [11:19] Mystical Dragon: Perimeter set to 10 from home

    Mystical Dragons are very large animals when full grown so I would suggest never setting Perimeter to less than 10 meters. 

    Why is Perimeter important? Well a few different reasons

    Food and Well Spring must be in range of the Dragons Perimeter for the Dragon to use it.

    Dragons not with in range of their Perimeter will not breed together

    Most cases of Dragons not eating has been to do with Perimeter, for example if your Dragon has movement on and its Perimeter is 10 meters that means it would be able to wander at max 10 meters from home, but if the food is not within that same range your Dragon will not eat the food. Just something to think about when setting the settings on your Dragon!

    Tip number 3! This is a good one too. A lot of people have been asking about second Gens and what they could give you. Now the way I see it is your Starter that you purchased from us would be the 1st Generation, anything from that first Generation would be a second, third, and so on as you breed. 

    What can your Second Generations pass? Well guys Ive said this lots of times in lots of places, your Second Generation babies, could pass and be hiding Non Starter traits, passed on from the Starters as a hidden. So breed those babies!!

    I hope that I have answered some questions or made some things easier on you guys. If there is something you are unsure about, ask in the group, file a ticket, send me a message, dont just wonder get your answers!

    Alright happy Digging everyone this is Ava, over and out! 

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