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    Mutation Markings!

    Hey Mystical Fam! I hope everyone is having a great Hump Day! Thats right we have made it to the half way point in the week!

    I wanted to take a few moment to talk about Mutation Markings and what they are and how we get them! 

    When I googled mutation the definition is: 
    the action or process of mutating

    So then i thought whats mutating, the definition on mutate is as follows:
    change or cause to change in form or nature.

    So that would mean that a Mutation Marking is a marking that changes or mutates! SO its taking something you have already and changing it! 

    I have seen 2 brand new Mutation Markings one is 
    Mutation Amber Smolder and the other is Mutation Citrine Ripple!

    Lets talk about how these Markings Mutate!

    In the case of Amber Smolder any time you breed any Smolder Marking + Brimstone or Ukeinth skin you could get a Mutation Citrine Ripple!

    If Mutation Citrine Ripple is what you want to go for anytime you breed any  Ripple marking  + Ceondet Skin!!

    I did give another hint that I havent seen anyone find yet and that was any Ripple Marking + Zaetus Skin to get a Surprise Mutation Marking! 

    There are other mutations possible that you can still find that havent been seen by anyone! Remember that they DO have the ability to pass! 

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