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    Mutation Markings!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone today?? I haven't wrote in a while so I thought it was about time to talk with you. I was thinking a lot of you guys have been seeing these new mutation breedings! Lets talk about how you get them!

    Oh before we do that! I will be hosting a very special Q and A event all about mutation markings on Wednesday at 3 PM SLT! So if you have questions please come! It will be at the dragons main sim class meeting area! 

    In the mean time we all now that in the Tias secret breeding post it says 
    "I remember this precocious young hatchling.. whose parents were a beautiful Water Dragon, and another whose scales were patterned in markings like that of fissures. Another was this shy thing.. Their parents were as fierce as they were elegant--A dashing Fire dragon and their mate, whose scales bore markings like that of fine lacing."

    The first mutation we seen was the Mutation Indigo Fissure, this was made from parents where one was a Water Dragon and the other was a Dragon with Fissure Marking Take a look!


    The second mutation that we discovered from this post was Mutation Citrine Lacing this was mad from parents where one was Fire Dragon and the other with a Lacing Marking! I love this one! 


    Remember Mutation markings can pass like any other marking! Please join me tomorrow and lets discuss other combos that you guys have found and get those questions answered! 

    Make it  a Mystical Day!

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