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    MMOC Monster Ball Winners!

     Happy almost Halloween! I wanted everyone to go take a look at the amazing dragons that everyone submitted to the MMOC Monster Ball Contest!

    If you have not already went over and taken a look please do! 
    Here is your ride:

    There were over 14 entries! Thank you to everyone who participated there were some amazing dragons!

    On to our winners! The judges were content creators in sl, that do not currently or have ever breed dragons to keep them as non bias as possible!

    Our 1st place winner!   Ψ Lεη Ψ (lenaik)


    [THF] Bloody Hell In Sleepy Hollow
    Skin: Ukeinth
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Blazin' Bolts
    Claws: Molten Soul
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Molten Soul
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Molten Soul
    Marking: Mutation Amber Smolder


    2nd place  goes to cheeks (nyxie.littlepaws)!!!

    Skin: Fruzayl
    Element: Air
    Eye: Fire Datentud
    Claws: Air Fruzayl
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Fire Datentud
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Fire Datentud
    Marking: Mutation Charcoal Smolder

    3rd place goes to Minx Razor!

    {DankD} Twilight Shrieker
    Skin: Sterling Steel
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Shrieking Phantom
    Claws: Twilight Enkindler
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Twilight Enkindler
    Ornament: Feathers
    Ornament Pigment: Twilight Enkindler
    Marking: Mutation Cerulean Smolder

    Congrats to all our winners you guys made amazing dragons! Go over and check out all these amazing designs before they are gone!
    Make today Mystical!

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