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    Level Up!

    Its time to level Up!

    What am I talking about? PVE of course, a lot of you guys have been asking about how you level up your dragon.

    Well lets get into it! To level up your dragon you must complete several PVE battles and gain xp!

    Every time you battle and win you gain xp! Here is a table of how much xp it takes to get all the way to level 5! At level 5 you can battle other people!

    Level 2 => 700 XP
    Level 3 => 2100 XP
    Level 4 => 4200 XP
    Level 5 => 7000 XP

    When you have the required XP to level up your next battle will be a boss fight!
    After the boss fight your dragon will level up, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Wining a boss fight can get you some cool loot!

    Dragons that are leveled up will stay that way even if you sell or pass the dragon to someone else! I could see a market for leveled up dragons happening!

    Remember you can always check a dragons battle stats with the hud! 


    Hope this helps you guys in your PVE journeys!
    Make today Mystical!

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