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    MaggieMae Puddles

    Knock Knock!


    Dear Breeders,

    Have I got a new flare for you.......

    Knock Knock! 

    Who is there? 


    Antler Flare is new on the grid! 


    We have two antlers so far: 


    But now a new Antler Flare has been spotted! 



    What will it look like?  This reporter is dying to know!  Lets take a look at how you can get a chance at dropping this new antler:


    That's right they are dropping from the Freedom Flare LE!

    The new Antler does in fact pass!  What if you are thinking.....My Freedom Flare has passed me nothing Maggie Mae! Yah I understand that but I am here to tell you....DON'T GIVE UP!    I have had LE's drop me new traits later on in their breeding life.  

    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trending news in Mystical Creatures!  Have a great day 🙂



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