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    May the 4th be with you!  

    Dear Breeders today I had a very interesting interview with a siren!  As you know at Mystical Creatures we deal with all things Mystical! This Lovely Siren feels perhaps she has gotten a bad reputation and would like to set the record straight.  Well I will let you decide for yourself.  Let's begin:


    Me:  Your beauty has been rumored of far and wide.  To what do you attribute it to? 

    Siren:  Just good breeding I guess.  I come from a long line of Sirens. 

    Me:  I see.  Is it true you can turn dragons into stone if they gaze upon you?

    Siren: NO! (laughs) You have me confused with my cousin Medusa. 

    Me: Oh right!  Well is it true you have a very beautiful voice? 

    Siren: That is true.  I have a voice you would die for.

    Me: Oh! Ummmm so is it true you lure dragons to their death by your song?  

    Siren: sighs softly, well it is my song of love.  I mean we all deserve love don't you agree?

    Me: Sure. But, should love bring death? 

    Siren: If you die happily in love......why not? I could think of worse ways to go.  

    Me: Hmmm it would stand to reason then that your relationships do not last very long.  Doesn't this make you lonely?

    Siren: I never thought of it like that to be honest.  For me its the thrill of the hunt. The chase.  

    Me: What of longevity? Stability? Do you not desire these things in your relationships?

    Siren: Overrated! 

    Me: How so?

    Siren: Imagine being able to feast on a new delicious food everyday.  No longer would your pallet be bored.  Excitement would be yours everyday wondering what new taste would be yours to try. 

    Me:  I can appreciate your point of view however I think it could be a very lonely life. 

    Siren: (Laughs affably) perhaps for a mere human that would be true.   

    Me: (smiles softly and shrugs) Perhaps

    Me: Is it true that if you saw your reflection in a mirror that it would in fact show the "true" you?  

    Siren: (glares at me) Who told you this? 

    Me: (clears my throat nervously) ahem so it is true then? 

    Siren: (Narrows her eyes at me) Be careful Human!  You meddle in things that are beyond your comprehension.  

    Me: I will take that as a yes. Unless you would like me to hold up a mirror.....

    Siren:  huffs and puffs!  Stands up to her full size and roars "THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!"  

    Me: Reaches under my chair for the fire extinguisher and sprays putting out the flames around me.  Geez Drama Dragon! So touchy! 

    Here is a picture of the Beautiful Siren Dragon.  Bred by Toxic Desire



    Skin: Sossurth
    Element: Water
    Eye: Shallows
    Claws: Shallows
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Shallows
    Ornament: Fins
    Ornament Pigment: Shallows
    Marking: Mutation Emerald Lacing


    This concludes the: Interview with a Siren.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have a beautiful dragon that you would like me to interview just jump in my IM box.  Huggies Maggie Mae 🙂 



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