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    Horn Pigment Essence Revealed!

    Morning guys! Terrific Tuesday is here! What better way to start the day than taking a look at another hidden trait revealed? 

    Take a look at the newly discovered Horn Pigment Essence!
    Essence horn pigment can only go on the Antlers horn!



    Where did it come from? Well im happy to tell you that anytime you breed a 2023 Ascension Dragon - Shifting Spirit you could get the Antlers Essence Horn Pigment!!

    The Essence Antler DOES have the ability to pass! I can't wait to see what you guys put this one on! We are getting so many possibilities! 

    I hope that you guys like this one as much as I do! Go get your  2023 Ascension Dragon - Shifting Spirit if you haven't already and who knows what you might discover!!!

    Make today Mystical!

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