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    Happy Birthday Mystical Creatures!

    Deep within the Mystical forest, a legend whispered through the ages about the existence of magic crystals. These mystical gems were said to hold incredible powers, and their discovery was both a quest and a mystery for many who roamed the forest.

    It was in this mystical glade that you first spotted a shimmering crystal nestled among the moss-covered rocks. Its facets danced with a captivating play of colors, reflecting the emotions of the forest. 

    With a sense of determination, I gripped my sturdy pickaxe tightly in my hands, its wooden handle worn from countless hours of labor. Before me lay a rocky wall adorned with mysterious symbols, and at its heart was the legendary magical crystal, rumored to possess unimaginable power.

    As you to chip away at the rock, I noticed something extraordinary. The symbols on the wall seemed to shimmer and glow with an otherworldly light, responding to my efforts. It was as if the crystal was awakening, recognizing my determination to reach it.

    Finally, with a resounding crack, the last piece of rock gave way, revealing the magical crystal in all its glory. It pulsed with a radiant, ethereal light, casting a warm glow that bathed the glade in an otherworldly luminescence.

    You continue your walk through the forest the magical crystal safely in your possession, searching for others just like it!

    What a story!
    Lets talk all about Birthday Mining! 
    To join the Mystical Birthday Mining fun you MUST be an active Breeder!!!

    You will start your quest at the Mystical Creatures main store! You will look for this cake and click it!!


    If you are an active breeder you will be sent to your inventory Mystical 2nd Birthday - Hunt Items and Gifts! (Add to Unpack).
    All you have to do is add the box and it will send a folder to your inventory with the following items:

    Mystical Pickaxe - 2nd Birthday!
    Mystical Crystal Dish
    ~Mystical Creatures~ 2nd Birthday Party Hat


    You will need to attach the Mystical Pickaxe - 2nd Birthday! and Mystical Crystal Dish, now your ready to go find some crystals!

    The main store and all satellite locations will have the 2nd Birthday Crystal Collectible this is the object your hunting for! 
    It looks like this:


    Once you find a 2nd Birthday Crystal Collectible you will sit on the rock and begin mining! As you mine crystals they will go to your Mystical Crystal Dish. You can click your Mystical Crystal Dish at anytime to see how many crystals you have collected.

    You will turn in your Crystals for Birthday LOOT! By clicking the Crystal Keeper 2nd Birthday Liason! Make sure you are wearing you Mystical Pickaxe - 2nd Birthday! and Mystical Crystal Dish at all times! 




    There are 3 items that you can turn in your crystals! 
    Second Birthday Plush - cost 1 of each element crystal
    Mystical Moonpool - Azure Crystal, Mystical Dragon Plush [Held] - - cost 2 of each element crystal
    2023 Legendary Edition - Timeless Guardian - cost 3 of each element crystal

    You may get one of each item but only one!

    The Dragon 2023 Legendary Edition - Timeless Guardian DOES not have the ability to pass its skin, however it DOES have some passing surprises!

    Thats not it! We also have double Ascension points all day long! As well as a sale at our Main Store with ALL edibles and absorbables being 20% OFF!


    Please join us at 11 AM SLT at the MAIN STORE for a great party, some funky tunes, and some prizes!! 

    Happy 2nd Birthday Mystical Creatures! Make today Mystical!!!

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