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    Hello Mystical Family! Hope everyone is having a great day so I wanted to take a moment to talk to you guys about something I have been hearing whispers about. 

    What am I talking about?? Well glitches!!

    Whats considered a glitch? Well anything that comes out not the way we original intended, like have you ever seen a tolrae dragon with a zuldrid wing?? 

    This obviously not the way that we intended for the dragon to look. One i have seen recently is a marking that maybe has a different color on the body or the neck.

    The way our system is set up when an error is corrected it is automatically pushed out to all dragons live on the grid. This means we cant let older glitches remain and newer ones not, if we fix it then its fixed for everyone.  

    Even if it did stay the next time you updated your dragon it would be fixed anyways, so glitches being fixed is something that is inevitable. So if i were you and I got a glitch I would file a ticket and let Mystical Creatures know so it can be corrected. 

    I would not try to advertise or market glitches to make more linden because as soon as it is fixed you will no longer have a glitch. 

    One reason why we must fix glitches, is think of it like this we are building many traits off of other traits like stacking, we dont want to stack issues on top of other issues. It would become a complicated mess down the line. Allowing errors to remain could cause bigger issues on our server down the line. 

    So if you have a glitch please report it, If you guys really like the mixing of colors on markings there maybe something else we can do there such as make it a fun mutation to get, I would love to hear from you on this matter so please take the time to shoot me a message in world.

    As always we appreciate your support and are super excited about the new 2.0 Dragon Update! Make it a Mystical Day!

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