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    Father is Ancient Egg is not Valid

    Hey Mystical Fam! Hope everyone is having a great day! I wanted to talk to you guys about something that i am seeing you file tickets for. 

    That is an egg that says :Father is Ancient Egg is not Valid

    You may have gotten one of these and I wanted to explain and tell you what to do if this does happen to you. 

    Ancient Dragons are not supposed to breed, once a dragon reaches 100 days old it becomes Ancient. We are aware that some Ancient Drakes are still making Dragoness drop eggs, sadly because the father is Ancient these eggs are not Valid.

    What should you do?? Well to prevent this move your Ancient Drakes away from your breeding age Dragoness.  This will be corrected in the next update. But until then if you do recieve and egg that says Father is Ancient Egg is not Valid. Please file a ticket we will reset the Dragoness back to 100% so you do not miss a breeding, however the egg can not be fixed or recovered.

    Also one more treat that we snuck in for you guys was the Mothers Rose eye!
    This was a random drop just to celebrate mothers day! If you got one of these Mothers Rose eyes IT DOES have the ability to pass!

    This eye is sooooo pretty! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!


    Well make it a Mystical Day everyone!


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