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    Express Yourself

    It's not what you look like
    When you're doin' what you're doin'
    It's what you're doin', when you're doin'
    What you look like you're doin'

    Did you know Mystic Creatures has a Flickr page where any dragons' breeder can post their best pictures to the community? All you need is a valid Flickr account and join the Mystical Creatures group. After it, you're able to upload your photos and express yourself.


    point your cam or click here to go to Mystical Creatures Flickr page

    I selected a few pictures to show a little sample of what you can find there. At the moment, we are 83 members and 95 photos posted. We are missing your collaboration showing how much you love Mystical Creature dragons and how they are part of your Second Life.



    Sean and his Dragon by Oscar Clancy



    COLD AS ICE by Lucky Bekkers



    flarenacht by ASean Rapada


    Dragons by Avalon Crystal



    DRAGONHEART by Ravyn Hexem


    What are you still waiting for? Join us and express yourself!!!! 📸🎨

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