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    Error D9???

    Hello Mystical Family!!! How is everyone today? We are getting closer to celebrating Christmas and the New Year! I know how busy and crazy these times can get!

    I wanted to take a moment and talk to you guys about an error that some of you have been asking about and that is error D9!

    What does Error D9 mean? It means you did not have the most current version of the Nexus out and your Dragon tried to use the Nexus to grow up!

    Now we know what it means to have this error, what do we do to fix it?? 
    Simple fix please delete your nexus and put out the newest version of the nexus, you can get this for FREE at any Mystical Creatures location!

    The Nexus we should all be using is called:
    Mystical Nexus Crystal V1.1 CR

    Its easy to spot too because its Green! If your Nexus is not Green then this connection is for you! Delete the nexus you have and place out Mystical Nexus Crystal V1.1 CR!

    If you have Dragons out that have this error or say please rezz out Nexus Crystal, once you rezz out Mystical Nexus Crystal V1.1 CR it can take up to an hour but your Dragons should fix them selves and grow up without issue! 

    If you are out and about and see someone with the wrong Nexus be a good Dragon community member and poke them and let them know to go pick up the new one!

    As always if you have any issue please feel free to file a ticket and we will get you sorted out! Make today Mystical! Happy breeding!