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    Enigma - Twilight Enkindler!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone today?! Well we have been having some exciting things happen and I thought it was time you guys had official word on them!

    First lets talk about the Enigma - Twilight Enkindler!
    Take a look if you haven't seen it already


    This Dragon is gorgeous! How do you get one? Well anytime you breed 2 Starter Fire Zuldrids together you have the chance to get an Enigma - Twilight Enkindler! The Enigma - Twilight Enkindler DOES have the ability to pass its eye! 

    There are still Mystical Surprises to be found breeding the Enigma - Twilight Enkindler and its offspring! More information will be reveled as these Mystical Surprises are found! 

    Another surprise that just happened today a random drop eye to celebrate Happy St. Patrick's Day 2022!


    Until midnight tonight any breeding has the chance to get the Happy St. Patrick's Day 2022 Eye! This eye DOES have the ability to pass! 

    Well good luck everyone and make is a Mystical Day!

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