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    Dragons in Space???!!!

    Dear Breeders,

    Did you know that on June 29th 1995, the American space shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian space station Mir to form the largest made-made satellite ever to orbit  the earth?  Now I know that we have a lot of super space fans out there breeding dragons and it got me thinking..... If I was to design a space dragon how would I go about it?  What would I use for inspiration? 


    ALIEN! Oh yah that could work right?  I mean its similar to a dragon in an alien kind of way!  Ok I have some inspiration.  My next step is to make a storyboard on what traits I want to concentrate on first.  For me its the skin, The Ornament Pigment, eye and the marking.  You might have a different process and that's totally cool 🙂  there is no wrong way.  But for today lets take a look at what I found on the wiki and show you a sample of my storyboard to start my design:



    Alright!  With my design storyboard I have a jumping off point.  I know that these 4 traits is going to be the baseline for my design.  Since You can breed 1 male to three females successfully I look for a Male with the skin and then a female that has one of the other traits.  So Eye, OP and Marking.  Sometimes you get lucky and find some of the other traits you are wanting like the eye and the OP or the marking with the OP together in a female which is AWESOME but sometimes you don't.  Your next step is to try and breed your dragons to end up with those 4 traits before you start adding the horn pigment and claws.  I always try to get that marking on pretty early on in the game to make it pretty strong. 

    When I make my designer dragons I think about the big picture.   I breed for quality and stability.  Sure you could get lucky and cut some corners but then the line is not strong.  I will tell you this, you should breed your dragons with pride.  You spend a lot of time on them.  Produce a design winning dragon that you can show off!  

    I hope you have enjoyed my ideas on a space dragon today.  I hope I have inspired you to design your own trendsetting dragon.  Don't forget that when you do, take pictures and submit on the MMOC page.

    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trending news in MMOC.  



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