• MaggieMae Puddles
    MaggieMae Puddles


    Dear Breeders,

    Let’s talk about random drops.  What are they?  How can I get one?  Well …..hmmmm Okay!  Every now and then the Mystical Creatures Fairy swoops down and sprinkles fairy dust on dragon eggs and SURPRISE a new random drop eye pops on your dragon!  (it’s a true story I swear! I have photographic evidence.)


    Okay okay…..although that is a very plausible explanation (coughs)  Here is another explanation.  The Mystical Creatures Team decides HEY TEAM lets design a random drop eye for our breeders.  You never know when they will come but when you they do its awesome.  The Random Drop eyes “Usually” last for 24 hours so if you hear of a random drop eye dropping on the grid start mating your dragons!!!! (For the record I like the Fairy story better!) 

    Our latest Random Drop is the 2022 Thanksgiving eye.  You will be thanking your lucky stars if you got this gorgeous drop.  This eye does have the ability to pass!  I hope to see lots of gorgeous designer dragons using these eyes!  Cheers! 


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