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    Dear Breeder,

    Do you go to auctions or wander marketplaces and see a gorgeous dragon and wonder how in the world did they make THAT???!!! Do you desire your own BOUJEE Dragon? Well take heart dear breeder because I am going to help you get that designer dragon you long for. 

    First let’s talk about SKIN.  The skin is your base and the most important part of your dragon.  Now everyone’s taste is unique and rightly so!  Look at your dragon eggs and pick your favorite.  For me when I select my skin, I look at the other traits.  I want basic!  Why do you ask?  Because Dear Breeder its all about layering all the traits.  I want an egg that is 4-5 traits all the same.  I want that good base.  OR! I pick an egg that has the skin, eye, and claw that I want but has a different horn and ornament pigment that match each other.  Next, I look at the horn and ornament.  Do I have double feathers?  Fins and Spikes?  Zephyr and Stone? When I have picked out my desired egg for example:  Tolrae skin, claw and eye with a datentud horn and ornament pigment, double feathers.  So now I have a pink and black dragon egg.  Okay so how do we make this a BOUJEE dragon you ask?  The answer is MUTATION MARKINGS. Take a look at the before and after makeover. 



    Mutation markings are the hottest trend right now in dragons.  They are a sure way of making your dragon a standout designer in any crowd!  With 16 different mutation markings the possibilities are endless as to what kind of BOUJEE dragon you can create!  Let’s take a closer look at all of the mutation markings and the winning combinations to breed for them.





    Whether you are a new breeder or an older one we all have dragon eggs that are just begging for a Boujee makeover!  So go create and design!  This is Maggie Mae Your Dragonista reporter, bringing you the latest trends in Mystical Creatures. 


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